I changed my twitter account but it does't updates.

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    Hello. When I created my blog http://www.guerrillamental.wordpress.com I connected this to the @gramaticscol account on Twitter by mistake. Once I detected that so I went to the blog’s dashboard – settings – “sharing” and I followed all steps to eliminate @gramaticscol and replaced it with @felicianoes which is the Twitter account I actually want to connect with. Ok so I went again to my blog, visited a post and at the bottom I pushed the share on Twitter button, and it shows a window that invites you to log in twitter and share the post “via @gramaticscol”, but remember it’s no longer the twitter account connected to the blog. I deleted the twitter sharing options, then I activated it again with @felicianoes account, I erased cookies and every browsing data but the problem remains. Could you help me? I need that @gramaticscol account do not never ever appear connected or “quoted” within the tweets when sharing my “guerrillamental.wordpress.com” content.


    The blog I need help with is guerrillamental.wordpress.com.



    When you say you disconnected and reconnected I assume you’re speaking of the Publicize area under Settings ->Sharing.

    To change the username that appears when you click the sharing button (i.e. via @…) you have to scroll further down that page to where it says “Twitter username to include in tweets when people share using the Twitter button.” Have you changed it there as well?


    Hi Kokkiek. Thanks for answering. Yes I did changed the twitter username to include when users share my posts via Twitter in the field you talk about and the problem still remains… :(



    I’ve seen this happen before. Staff can fix it for you. I’ve tagged this thread for their attention. Please be patient while waiting for them to reply.


    Hey Kokkieh!! Thank you man!!



    Hi there,

    I fixed up your blog so the Twitter button on all your posts is linked to your @felicianoes Twitter account. Please let me know if you have any more trouble with that. :)


    Hi! Thank you so much!! It’s all fixed up and it´s running o.k. But you can still help me with something… There is a happiness engineer, her name is Rachel and when I saw her avatar she made me happy, she looks so pretty. May you give me her e-mail? I wonder if her mind is as beautiful as her face. ;)

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