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I changed my URL and think I broke something :-(

  1. bloggingboresme

    Need a bit of help here please.
    I had this blog several months now
    At first it was
    When you click the above: is no longer available

    Then I changed it to
    I find I can't comment on peoples blogs, when I go to Notifications, sometimes it shows up as the old notification area, sometimes the new.
    People "SEEM" to be getting my blogs.
    Sometimes in notifications, I go in to comments and there are comments there that did not show up in notifications on my main page where it turns orange (Top Right) to let you know you have new activity in your blog

    Can someone have a look at this. I am on the verge of going pro.
    But before I jump in I need to know I have not broken this.
    I am wondering why I still get "People following my old blog" in Following in Notifications. There are only 5 showing. When I click the blog they are following it says as it does above "No Blog"

    Can I PLEASE get a bit of help here.
    Please. being disabled I get all tantrumy as it is, lol


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there!

    I checked and you still have a some followers still linked to your old blog - would you like me to transfer them to your new blog?

    The activity notifications might also be linked to people following your old blog - do you have some specific examples of where comments didn't show up? We also recently fixed a small bug that was affecting the notifications bar, so that might have taken care of your problem.

    Are you able to comment on other people's blogs? The blogs you comment on might have moderation turned on for all comments, and that may be why you don't see your comments right away?

    Just respond to confirm you want your followers transferred and I'll be happy to take care of it for you.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. bloggingboresme


    Can you transfer followers still linked from my old blog/URL please, to my new one please.
    That would be superb!!!

    When you say old blog "And please forgive my stupidity, I am a man, and Scottish. It is the same blog, I just (Don't ask why, lol) changed the URL/Address. So its the same blog. I take it you know that and just worded it that way. Again excuse my stupidity!

    Yeah please, pull everyone following the old link/blog to the new one. That would be terrific. Thank you VERY much.

    I had a few issues getting notifications, and clicking, replying and commenting on 1 or 2 blogs from others, but that "Seems" to be ok now.

    Thank you for your brilliant fast response.
    This is why I recommend WordPress to EVERYONE.
    I got many to change blog sites and showed them how to
    import and export from other sites to here.

    Brilliant service. Can't wait to get the Pro Version.
    I blogged for other people for a year on a pro site, really good.

    Thanks again. If you can delete ANY and ALL remnants of my old URL/Blog and bring all following over, FANTASTIC.

    One other thing.
    When I go to "Awards"
    Sometimes it shows for the new URL, sometimes the new. But when I refresh it always shows. I got 5,10, 50, 100, 200 follower notifications, but not 300. But I got an award yesterday saying 1,394 ) or some odd number, liked my Blogs...?

    I hope that is enough info to help.
    And again, you are a start.
    Thank you


  4. bloggingboresme

    Sorry for my spelling. I have my Daughter on my

    Thanks again. I hope you get understand ok. lol


  5. Hi! I just moved your subscribers to your new blog - so you should be set there!

    With your award notifications, could you take a screenshot of that screen and upload it to your Media Gallery on your blog and I'll take a look to see what is going on.

  6. bloggingboresme

    ok....Will do.

    Thank you again. Will post here when it is in my Media uploads.

    So appreciated !!
    Shaun x

  7. bloggingboresme

    3 Photos uploaded to my media library

    Awards 1 - Latest
    Awards 2 - In between both
    Award 3 - First, from the start

    Are uploaded
    I hope you can see then ok

    Thanks again..


  8. bloggingboresme

    3 Photos uploaded to my media library

    Awards 1 - Latest
    Awards 2 - In between both
    Award 3 - First, from the start

    Are uploaded
    I hope you can see them ok

    Thanks again..


  9. bloggingboresme

    ohh Double post.
    And I have no kids and no excuse..


  10. bloggingboresme

    Sorry to be a pest.
    Just went into notifications (Last pic I uploaded there at 20:40pm UK Time)
    And all that I can see following is OLD BLOG followers
    Just letting you know.
    Before it was sometimes that, ALWAYS both.
    Now its just the old blog followers I had left
    Picture/Screenshot is called

    Old Blog followes only under followers


  11. bloggingboresme

    Just posted to you "Only old followers"
    Now all followers are following new. Added pic also (5 pics also)
    We will get there, lol

    But old one still there.
    I had to refresh though..

    Thanks for help !!

  12. Haha! It's ok, we all have double posts sometimes! :)

    Thank you for the screenshots! With the follow/like notifications, they start at 5 and go up to 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, and so on - so you wouldn't have received one for 300 or other numbers not in that list.

    The "weird" one for having 1337 likes is a joke on the term "leet" speak and is most commonly written as "1337". Here's the Wikipedia article if you want to read more about it:

    I hope that clarifies things!

  13. bloggingboresme

    Yeah, some kind of strange code..
    I feel like a code breaker from 1941 now :-)

    Just to ask, why is it still showing old blog stuff still?
    And again, thanks so much for your help.
    I just went on again, to notifications, only showed me old URL/Blog stuff

    Will go away over time?
    When I refresh, I get it all, but the old URL/Blog still is there.
    Will it stay that way? I think it is picture 4 or 5 there Csonnek

    ps: You are still a Star.. x lol

  14. It won't refresh or go away over time. It's just the past notification that those people followed your old blog back before you renamed it. Since you have had two differently named blogs, you have two different follower notification histories.

    I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  15. bloggingboresme

    That makes sense. Thank you.
    My followers went up by about 30 also.

    Thank you very much for your help.
    Really pleasant and nice and quick and, well, AMAZING!!

    Shaun x

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