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I clicked Activate 2010 and..SCARY!!!!

  1. I now use Vigilance. (my experimental blog)

    I used my experimental/practice blog to see how it would look in the 2010 theme. After doing so, I lost everything in the right sidebar other than the Search and the Calendar!

    After some scary heavy breathing, I went to Dashboard>Themes, reactivated Vigilance, and then all of the items in my right sidebar reappeared. (Whew!)

    I conclude that if I switch my main “real” blog from Vigilance to 2010, I will similarly lose everything in my Right Sidebar. Yes or No? If no, then what's going on???


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no loss. You simply go in here > Appearance > Widgets and place the widgets in the sidebar again.

    Every theme has a default sidebar display. From the front it looks like actual widgets are in place here > Appearance > Widgets but they aren't there because it it's just a display. This is no big deal. Your widget choices override that deafult so all you need to do is drag the widgets our of the available widgets box and drop them into the sidebar box.. Click to open on the right hand corner of each widgets. Set it up to suit you. Click "Save" and then "Close" for each one.

  3. pornstarbabylon

    Can't you go into the widgets section of your dashboard and drag the widgets to the sidebar? Unless that theme doesn't allow sidebars.

  4. The answer is "No" your widgets are put into the inactive widget section all you have to do is re-add them to the sidebar.

    Edit: Oops echo reply

  5. @slikbonez
    Exactly. Changing theme is easy. Once you catch on to the fact there is a default sidebar display with every theme all you have to do is drag and drop the widgets into place. Game over. Ta da! :)

  6. Oh no! I went back to that experimental blog and clicked Activate 2010. As before, there were no widgets in the Right Sidebar and none in a Bottom Sidebar. So I went to Preferences and clicked onto Widgets and came to the page which showed the formation of Widgets. I clicked each of the Widget templates in the Right Sidebar, just to see what would happen. Nothing happened except each Widget opened up.

    Then I clicked back to Activate Vigilance AND NOW I HAVE LOST ALL OF MY WIDGETS. 8-( 8-( 8-(


  7. @lornakismet They should be there on the bottom of your widget page in the inactive widget area if so you will need to drag them to the sidebar widget area. and footer area if you chose too have widgets down below on your site....

  8. Ok. I wrote my Oh No message before reading any of the replies that you all had so kindly written for me. I will go and look at the bottom of my widget page.

    This kind of thing is what scares me about changing themes.


  9. No biggie we have all been there at one point not understanding the back end section of our blog.

  10. Hello not sure if this is the right place to ask but in 2010 is there a way to use the list making function to make a list with little check (tick) boxes as the 'label' rather than the numbers or buttons which are the options given?

    I like 2010 a lot!

    I would likei t if the main body font was a bit more compact somehow as my posts look very long in it compared to some of the other themes like Misty Look - again I don't know how to go about changing that either, being a bit of a newbie. Maybe I can't?

  11. If you want to use check-marks instead of the default list identifiers you will firstly need to create a tick image that you want to use and then need to add your lists in the HTML editor using the "ul" unordered list tag. When you open the tag around your list include some CSS like the line below and it will use your image instead.

    <ul style="list-style:square inside url("YOUR_IMAGE.gif");">

    Similarly to change the size and spacing of the text in your entries you will need to manually include an opening div tag at the start of each post, and a closing one at the end. Using the same method above you can change the styling:

    <div style="font-size:0.9em; line-height:1.3em;">


  12. Thank you for your help! I will copy this over and have a go at it! Much appreciated.


  13. Hi, I love Twenty Ten and am finding it relatively easy to use. I'm new at this, though, and can't figure out which widget to add to the right sidebar which will allow me to display a list of favourite art websites. I thought it must be the one called 'links' but that doesn't seem to be it.

  14. @jacquie729 Correct you will need the links widget then you will need to manage the links by going to your dashboard left navigation bar and then click on "Links" {Add New)

  15. ~~ waving to slikbonez
    Sometimes new blogger think they can enter individualal link into the LInks widget. This is not the case. All the widget does is display the links you enter here > Dashboard > Links
    Illustrated instructions here >

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