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I crave exposure.

  1. Hi Folks, it's me again.
    After Sunday's problem I have now re-written and published my blog-and very good it is too, even though I do say so myself. My question now is, how do I ensure that people read it?
    I mean, if I were to enter the website as someone else, I would be totally unaware that Bluesphinx's Blog exists, wouldn't I?
    So I would be very greatful to anyone who can advise me on the best way to get the maximum exposure for my effort.
    Again, as last time, I am going to work soon, and so I will be unable to respond to your replies straight away, but I will do so as soon as I can.
    Many thanks in advance, and kindest regards,

  2. Posting in the technical help forum is probably not going to work for you.

    Try doing a forum search for hits, exposure, readership, and similar related topics. There are hundreds or thousands of tips here.

    And do link your name to your blog following the instructions here, if they didn't suggest that last time:

  3. Join social bookmarking?

  4. Ah, take Ms. Rain's better answer.

  5. Avoid using the Zapf Dingbats font- that'll help.

  6. Hard to argue with that!

  7. lettershometoyou

    I crave ice cream.

  8. I crave chicken :(

  9. I wouldn't mind a bit of blooming sunshine

  10. Damn! Now I'm hungry!

  11. mmmm. Ice cream.
    I had hibachi chicken for dinner, though, so can't really justify a run for ice cream.

  12. I crave recognition for the world's FIRST President Obama haiku

  13. wow - seems I missed a forum streaker! :-)

  14. Gentledove's poetic prowess soothes my savage soul

  15. Kevin THERE you are, I could use a bit of prowess right now [and a bit o' savage soul wouldn't go amiss either ;) ]

  16. I have the same concerns, but I think my problems reside more to the fact that when you read my posts I come off cold, I think. Do I come off as a cold person?

  17. Wow! I din't expect a mailbag as full as this to follow on from a question from lil' ol' me! Thank you one and all. I am now getting the hang of this blogging thing-good fun innit!
    But views and exposure are still eluding me right now, it's something I'm gonna have to work on.
    Nevertheless, thank you all once again.
    I will be back. Bye for now.

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