I created a Poll but it's not on my page – where did it go?

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    I am positive I did all the right things in creating a poll, saved changes, went to my front page to see how it looked but it’s not there! WhereEVER could it have gone to?


    You need to link to your blog when asking questions. Or, better, make your username link to your blog (Users > Personal Settings: scroll down to Account Details, paste blog URL in the Website field, click Save Changes).


    I added a poll to my most recent post and surprise it was easy and did appear. You have my empathy, frequently I think I did it right and nothing happens. I’m not a tech or experienced blogger but could it be the theme you are using and the number of widgets you have displayed. My theme only supports 7 widgets. I’ve also used the refresh button and my view changed or updated. Claudia….just saying


    a) Your theme, like most themes, supports as many widgets as you like.
    b) How to display a poll has nothing to do with what theme or how many widgets one is using.


    Same problem here, I click polls on the dashboard, select the poll I have created. The embed, link, apply. Still no poll.


    @southafricanoilpainting: See here:

    PS The Apply button is for batch editing the polls on the Poll screen (after you select an action from the Actions pulldown), not for inserting a poll somewhere.

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