I deleted by blog after 10 minutes (with no content), can I revive my URL??

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    I just created a blog through my account, then deleted it ten minutes later. I realized that the blog should be under the e-mail address of my friend, who I’m making the blog for.

    I didn’t know about the policy of not reviving blog URL’s. I thought the URL would be fair game after I deleted the blog. I’m kindly asking, because this is my friend’s first blog and he’s really keen on the name he picked out, if the WordPress team could make an exception, since the blog was only live for 10 minutes and never had any content on it.

    Please let me know what I can do. Your help is so much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is ohsaycanyouc.wordpress.com.



    There are three warnings and an email confirmation you have to go through before the deletion is complete. They each say that the deletion is permanent and irreversible. Your friend is out of luck.



    For the next person / next time

    you can create a blog in your own account then “gift” it to another account – quite easy to move a blog to another account – only takes a few clicks – I did that to @raincoaster and she knew nothing about the blog until the blog showed up in her account


    You don’t really think there’ll be a ‘next person/next time’ for this question, do you? ;)



    It’s possible, particularly if we keep this thread active. I’m personally tired of answering this question. I’ve only been online an hour and answered it six or seven times already.



    Hope springs eternal – and they still have the blog to start for their friend – I have started a couple of blogs for friends – easiest to do under my account then transfer the blog to their account – then they add me back in as an Editor when they mess things up a bit

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