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I deleted my blog but it's still showing?

  1. I deleted my 'blog' but not my WordPress space/site however I'm still getting likes on blog pages and when I click on them, they're still there. Can you please advise? TY.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I deleted my 'blog

    What is the URL? (starting with http://...)


    This is the page receiving a like this morning. It should be gone.

  4. That page is "alive & well". It's not a deleted page.
    And your blog is not deleted too.

  5. Exactly. That's why I posted here.

  6. Exactly. That's why I posted here.

    You wrote: I deleted my 'blog'
    but you don't deleted that page


  7. jeremeylduvall

    Hi @faireunvoeu -

    As @galois hinted at, it looks like the following page is deleted:

    However, the following site is up and running:

    Did you mean to delete the entire site?

  8. Before your post, all blog entries were still showing if you knew the url, and those entries were still posted and in the Reader despite my deleting the Blog page. I saw this because after I deleted the Blog Page, I kept getting Likes on entries. I figured it out though. If I were to delete all of the blog entries, then that would do what I thought I was doing in the first place. So since my initial post and yours just now, I have deleted all of the entries and we're good! I thought I had clicked the "resolved" here on this post, sorry. Thanks for following up though!

  9. jeremeylduvall

    No problem! Glad this is all resolved.

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