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I deleted my blog whilst trying to change it's name

  1. onbeautyromanova

    I was trying to change the name of my blog in the url. For some reason I ended up with two blogs, one that I have been writing, and one empty, with a new name. I wanted to delete the empty one, however somehow ended up deleting the one which I have spent so much time on! Please help! Is there any way it can be recovered? I am absolutely distraught.
    Blog url:

  2. Oh no! It's too bad you ignored the 3 warnings and then clicked the verification link required to delete the blog. Deleted blog URLs are not recycled.

    You can register another blog with a similar name.

    Or you can register a domain via a domain mapping upgrade and it will not matter what the underlying address is.

  3. onbeautyromanova

    Thanks! I was completely under the impression I was deleting my new, just created, empty blog :-( is there any way at all I can retrieve it's contents? Nearly 2 years of blogging just went down the pan because of my silliness...

  4. OMG! Two years of blogging gone. I flagged this to see if Staff can help. if they cannot then you are looking at finding cached versions of the posts in Google and copying and pasting into new posts.

    P.S. For backups:
    (1) The Safe Bet - Use an Offline Blog Editor
    (2) Subscribe to Your Blog’s RSS Feeds
    (3) Periodically Export Backup Copies and Save them to Disc
    (4) Back-up using using Feedburner and Gmail

  5. onbeautyromanova

    Thank you so much for your help and the useful links!! This has definitely taught me a lesson about backing up... I will always do it from now. Guess you just never think a mistake like that could happen to you... I truly hope the staff can work some magic!

  6. I hope so too.

  7. Hi there - What is the address of the site you deleted by mistake?

  8. onbeautyromanova

    Hi. Yes, it was originally then i tried to rename it to, which ended up as a new separate blog whilst I was trying to change the URL of my actual blog. Then I deleted 'oneautyromanova', under the impression it was new and empty, however, somehow the content migrated there and I ended up with my old blog name, and no content... I hope that makes sense... I realise that it's all my own doing and I faffed it up myself somehow, however I still don't quite understand how...

  9. Hi there - I will send you an email so we can sort this out privately.

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