I deleted my Blog window. How can I get it back?

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    Greetings. When I was setting up my pages I think I mistakenly deleted my BLOG posting access window. –not sure what to call it. Click on my name and you will see the error message. In vain I made a new page called BLOG hoping it would act like an identifier to fix the problem. Of course it does not work. I can post new messages but there is no way to identify new posts have been added as one navigates through the site.

    BLOG Message
    Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    The blog I need help with is edwarddormer.wordpress.com.



    I’m using theme WHITE AS MILK


    You deleted the hello world post, so wordpress cannot find anything to show on the main page. Create and publish a post and then that error will go away.



    Yes I have done that but I do not have a way to notify users to click on my name to access the blog portion of the site unless they know to click on my name (heading).

    Another poster said his “home” button is missing. I suppose thats my problem as well.


    Your theme doesn’t have navigation tabs so you will have to add a text widget at the top of the sidebar and put a link to your home page in it.

    I would not worry about it though. Anyone who has been using the web for any time at all knows that the title or logo at the top of a web page will always take you back to the main site page.



    Cool. Thank a bunch! –and for the fast reply, you made my night.


    I’ll add this just FYI: Using pages for your content has drawbacks you need to be aware of:

    1. Pages will show up lower in search engine results because search engines place lower emphasis on pages. Pages are meant for static content. For some types of sites, this may actually be the best way of presenting the material though.

    2. When you publish a post, wordpress automatically “pings” all the major search engines to let them know you have published a new post so that they can index it. When you publish a page, wordpress does NOT “ping” the search engines. You will have to ping manually at a service such as pingomatic.com.

    3. Only posts show up on an RSS feed, pages do not. That means people cannot subscribe to your blog so that they are alerted when you add something new.

    4. You can assign categories and tags to posts to help the search engines properly place you in search results. Pages cannot have tags or categories as they sit outside the blog structure.



    “When you publish a page, wordpress does NOT “ping” the search engines. You will have to ping manually at a service such as pingomatic.com.”

    If I understand this correctly, a site is not pinged based on static pages alone. If information is entered on an existing page one must ping manually if a post is NOT entered at the same period with the blog. If one adds a post via blog then Word Press automatically sends out a ping whether or not one adds a page or adds content to an existing page. Is that correct?

    Your FYI, as noted above, is a great guide when thinking about how to best convey information and still rate with the search engines. Much to learn…


    This is as I understand it.

    When the search engines receive a ping from wordpress about a new post, they hit that post. There is no guarantee that they will look at anything else on the blog. Typically they will glance at the sitemap to see if anything else has been added since they last visited, but there is no guarantee they will look at the other stuff at that time. They might just log it for a future crawl which could be in a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. It depends on how busy they are.

    If you modify a post or a page, the published date does not change so that means the search engines will not be pinged and the sitemap will not reflect that there has been a change to that post or page.

    Any sort of dynamic content should always be done in posts, and you should never edit a post to add additional sections to that post. The search engines will likely never find that addtional information until the do a couple dump and reindex of the entire web, which with some search engines happen every three months, but with some it might be six months.

    Never change a published date on a page or a post. That will mean that the old URL that the search engines have in their index will return a 404 file not found error, and that irritates search engines to no end.



    Well, talk about learning something new every day. I have been out of town and resposted old posts. I set them to repost, one on Thursday, one on Friday and one yesterday. I guess I won’t be doing that anymore. Wow. And while I did that, I reread what I had written when I first started and changed the content to make it flow easier.

    So how much damage have I done?


    Rewriting or editing a post is not as bad as changing the published date on a post. The descriptions, or the excerpts the search engines pulled from that post might no longer be completely accurate, but as long as the main subject matter remained the same, it isn’t a problem. Typically it will all sort itself out within 6 months.



    Thanks. One more question if I may. The posts that I republished, will that cause search engines to be wary of me now? I’ve actually done that one quite a few of my posts. I go back and read something and find a typo or something. I fix it and hit “publish.” I’ve really done that quite a bit. I guess search engines are going to hate me now, LOL.

    Seriously, thanks for the info and I have started reading here everytime I’m on my computer. I do a quick peek to see if there is anything that I can learn. Thanks!


    As long as you do not change the published date, it isn’t much of an issue and I would not worry about it. I’ve reread old posts and done the same thing.

    You’re welcome, and yes the forums are a great place to pick up tips and knowledge.

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