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I deleted posts by accident - found in cache! can I reload?

  1. I deleted posts by accident. In the forum I found how to search for them in google cache! Some are still there. is there a way to reload them on my blog?? would appreciate any help. poh

    The blog I need help with is

  2. pjohara

    Please give us a link to the site/blog you are asking about, starting with

  3. Oh, and perhaps which browser you are using:
    Safari, Firebox, Opera, IE-???#…

  4. sorry, it's feed:// and right now I'm at a Safari browser
    thanks, 1tess, Peter

  5. The only way to 'reload' a deleted post is to make a 'new' post, copy and paste from Google's cache, backdate it and keep the post title the same so that it matches the original.

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