I deleted the “Uncategorized” category. Can’t get it back!

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    I never really used categories, so all of my posts had “Posted in Uncategorized”. I thought that looked a bit tacky, so I wanted to change it to something else. On the Categories page, I saw the entry “Uncategorized” and noticed I could change the name. I changed it to “General Blogging” and so far it seemed to do what I wanted. I then noticed that the option to delete this category was available. I wanted to see if, by chance, deleting the only existing category might remove the “Posted in” line. Silly notion, I know, but I tried it anyway.

    Well, it got rid of the category but it left all of the posts the way they were. I tried recreating the categories but nothing helped.

    Now everything is all screwed up in the Category department and I don’t know what to do. When I create a new post, it just automatically creates a category called “1” (the number one) and puts the post in that category. I just want all of the posts removed from any category and returned to an “Uncategorized” state. I read that there is no bulk way to do this, unfortunately, and that I would have to open each individual post to do this. That didn’t even work. If I try to remove any categories, instead of posting as “Uncategorized”, it makes that “1” category I mentioned.

    I just want everything back to normal… uncategorized. What do I do?

    The blog I need help with is vertigoelectric.wordpress.com.


    Go to settings > writing and set your “General Blogging” category as the default post category and save the change. Right now the default category is still set to “uncategorized” as far as wordpress is concerned, so when it does not find it, it creates a category since each post must have at least one category assigned to it.


    Thanks for the quick reply, but unfortunately that doesn’t fix the problem. That only sets new posts to that category, and I still don’t have no “Uncategorized” label for the posts to go under when I remove the categories from them.

    Even if I create a category called “Uncategorized”, it treats it as a REAL category and doesn’t work properly. Also, just now, I tried to remove a post from the “Uncategorized” category and it created some category called “54” but didn’t even put it in that category.

    Seriously, things are really messed up, and I don’t see any way to fix this from my end. I need an administrator to fix it.



    i believe you must have at least one post in the category for it to show up.


    The “uncategorized” category that originally existed WAS a real category.

    Contact support is all I can suggest.

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