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I did a google search for my wordpress name and found this:

  1. thistimethisspace

    No but I do think you should consider making staff aware of it

  2. I've seen it before. The off topic forum for where we add our blogs - "what did you post in your blog today" is being pulled into it.

    That's why I didn't tell support, figured we were getting hits from it

  3. Interesting they have this posted on one of their other sites - (the one above also, but only part of it)Note - "BackPageAds (dot com) - Truly Useful Classifieds" - I've just discovered are trademarks of them (them being Avant Garde Creatives, Inc.) :

    "BackPageAds (dot com) - Truly Useful Classifieds

    Web Masters: Add profitable classified ads to your web community for FREE
    Refund Policy :: Terms of Service :: Contact Us :: Post Ad :: New Search
    "BackPageAds (dot com)" and "Truly Useful Classifieds" are trademarks of Avant Garde Creatives, Inc. This site, its design, and all associated software © 1997-2003, Avant Garde Creatives, Inc., all rights reserved. Any unauthorized use, reuse, public display, or any other shenanigans are strictly prohibited.

    BackPageAds (dot com) is search engine friendly. Additional Resources. u72"

  4. OK - I have let support know. :)

  5. No I've never seen that before.

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