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I did like my own post on Krishnananda

  1. krishnananda949


    Today, I received an unnamed e-mail, saying: "You're so vain. You probably think De Absolute Waarheid, meaning:

    The Absolute Truth
    , is about you."

    In the first place, I thank you for your e-mail, expressing your reaction, whoever it might be that wrote the mail. I am still in the learning phase (4 posts up till now). I did try what happens when the button was pressed. Apparently I received that e-mail. I did push the button another time: happily nothing happened anymore. That is good!

    Moreover: where is the vanity in liking my own posts? Especially when I wrote about the Absolute Truth, Krishna, Christ or God? When One writes about a subject like this, the writer must be in a special condition. The writer must be One with God to be able to write a piece like this.
    So this piece is a humble service to God, and before I started, I tried several things on my dashboard to make things look better, because I was presenting the Lord Himself in my writing. The Lord deserves a Rolls Royce, if you know what I mean. Therefore, I made a new header, and created a better background.

    So far, all I did was successful. And the piece grew. But when I copied things from Krishna's Own, and my own websites, the letters were different, and sometimes the colors were different. I do not know how I am able to correct those things to make the Lord's Rolls Royce more comfortable for him.
    Anyway, the writing itself went smooth, the header is more nice now, and there is a better background for my posts. And what is more, I succeeded for the first time to write links in just common words! I was exploring my dashboard more and more and many things succeeded. The Lord himself made me finish my piece in a glad and peaceful way! So therefore, I ask you once more: where is the vanity when you know all these facts?

    I only felt pure Love and happiness when I pushed the like button. It was a: "thank you" to Krishna, my Lord, Whom I love so much that the Two of Us are One! Seeing it this way, it would even be a blast not to push that like button!

    At the end of this piece: I did not write about myself: I wrote for all out there, speaking the Dutch Language! I do not even care whether I receive reactions or not myself, for I offer every piece and everything else to the Lord. If he is willing to give me reactions, also like the one I received today, he is IN-spiring me to write, or not. In this case, he IN-spired me to write. I have no expectations of whatsoever, but I sincerely hope that the Lord reaches his goal by this piece which I am about to submit.

    I am humble enough to ask if someone who reads this piece, would like to teach me how to get the letters of my last post straight and of the same color. Please answer me on: [email redacted], so that I can save your answer.
    Thank you in advance.

    Sincerely yours,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Don't take it personally, it was just an automated response. I guess even developers try to have fun with the platforms they develop. Your post is written very well, by the way.

  3. Why is it that people who get snippy about that email are always so long-winded? Nobody in the forum wrote that email.

  4. krishnananda949

    Hello, dear turnthrice and raincoaster,

    Thank you both for your replies!
    Turnthrice, thank you too for your support.

    Please, can any one of you answer this question: would you like to teach me how to get the letters of this regarding post straight and of the same color. Please answer me on:[email redacted], so that I can save your answer.
    Thank you in advance.


    Sincerely yours,

  5. @krishnanaandra949, you might do better to post your questions for help, to the Dutch language forum here:

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