I did not initiat a password reset

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    Tonight, after I got home from work, I had 2 emails stating that:
    “Someone recently requested that the password be reset for bryeguy.
    To reset your password please click this button:”
    Reset Button removed.

    Is there anyway to track who initiated this request, or at least a general location? I want to know if I need to revamp all of my passwords.
    Also, is there a way to tell if someone utilized the reset link from my email before I did at 10:30 pm on 3/30/14?

    The blog I need help with is bryeguy.wordpress.com.



    Your site was not hacked –

    If the old password works, then the password was not reset through your email

    What happens from time to time is someone fat fingers (spells wrong) the email address or their account name – sort of mistaken identity.

    As long as you don’t click on the link then the password will not be reset – that is why it goes to the email address of record for an account.

    You can enable Two factor Authentication, there are two ways to do two factor, the one that sounds the safest is the SMS version that sends a one time use text message to your cell phone, you put in the 2nd password from the text message into the second password box – that way someone needs your cell phone to log in


    And yes, changing to a secure (long) password for both your email and account here is always a good idea

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