I did not login I was looking for Sweet Home Alabama by Banjo Tom2 No such luck

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    I did not login I was Looking for Sweet Home Alabama by BanjoTom2, no such Luck Can you Help

    The blog I need help with is banjotom2594395138.wordpress.com.


    Hi rfrizzle1950,

    Can you send a link to the “Looking for Sweet Home Alabama by BanjoTom2” site you are referring to (starting with http://)?

    Just let me know and we can go from there.



    http://www.sweet Home Alabama by Banjo Tom2



    http://www.Banjo Tom2 Looking for Sweet Home Alabama



    Hi there,

    It seems that the whole domain was not pasted into a post. To help you out we’ll need a link starting with http and ending with an extension like .com with no spaces in it. This is the part you share with others over email.


    Hi there,

    Do you own a website you need help with, or are you looking for banjo tab for Sweet Home Alabama so you can play the song?



    Hi there, I tried a few variations of URLs based on the information that you’ve provided, and I’m just wondering if perhaps what you’re looking for might currently be saved as a “Draft” as opposed to having been “Published” in the Status? Just a thought that I had when I came across this post. :-) You can tell by logging in to your site, going to Posts, and seeing if what you’re looking for is located under the tab called “Drafts”. Have a wonderful day :-)


    I might be wrong, but I think @rfrizzle1950 is trying to find sheet music for the song “Sweet Home Alabama” at https://banjotom2.org/

    If that’s the case, the banjo tab for that song can be found at:


    The direct link to pdf of the tab is:



    @garysixtyeight You could be right, except that in his original post he states that the blog he needs help with is: banjotom2594395138.wordpress.com and when you go to that blog it does have the same picture of him. So it’s a bit hard to say without more information. But hopefully between all of us we’re able to get him pointed in the right direction of what he’s looking for :-)


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