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i did not see my post on wordpress search engine

  1. Hello every one! i have some problem about my blog posting i did not see my entries when i search tags on word-press search bar what happening please help me!!!

  2. I seem to be tagtarded as well, with my last two posts on the Olympics. :(

  3. dissfunktional, I see your post here: What makes you think they're not listed?

    bestherbs, please read this.

  4. Hi Telly - thanks for your help.

    Interesting you found one. It was a tag I hadn't checked. Here 3 of the tags I noticed posts regarding the Olympics seemed to be missing:



    should be there

    The post

    should also be here though I've not seen it:

  5. How long doest it take to be a featured blog, Telly?

  6. The tag you presented I notice there is no "related tags" on the right sidebar as is usually the case with the tag pages.

    For example with the tag:

    the right side is normal, with the related tags presented.

    While with the tag:

    The right side indicating "related tags" is excluded. Odd.

  7. That is odd. I've never seen that before.

  8. when you're viewing the blog itself the tags can't be seen, that's theme related, so I can live with that.

    it's coming in through the tag system itself that is a problem. I've checked several of the other tags and the problem persists. Some of the popular posts are not showing in the best tags any longer (used to), posts prior to these two olympic articles.

    Initially this post:

    had only been missing (that I noticed at the time) from this tag:

    that was the best tag for the story.

    It had remained on this tag, but now it's not there anymore:

    A different post is (Maria Monaco) but not the huge Elisabeth Fritzl story.
    The Elisabeth Fritzl story had been a popular post. I've checked this story on other tags (not all) for this Fritzl story and it's now missing from all of them.

    It's like anything that could be or was popular is being eliminated.

  9. And if you click the Older Posts on that tag page, it goes to a "No stories have been tagged with that" message, which is self-evidently incorrect.

    I'd report that via the Support button. It's peculiar indeed.

  10. Tags used on the post :

    Tags used on the post:

    I had contacted support earlier actually. Then when I saw this come up in the forum I mentioned it. Haven't heard back yet from support, but they're closed at the moment.

  11. You're showing up on the other tag pages now d. There was a glitch in the matrix.

    Tag links aren't displayed by the ChaoticSoul theme.

  12. thanks telly, I'm completely in love with you right now :)

  13. Hey Telly-
    this post:

    continues to be missing from this tag:
    which is the tag that it had originally been missing from before the story was completely removed from tags.

    it is now showing in however. (notice the s vs z) The 's' being the correct spelling for this story, the 'z' being the American spelling.

  14. Telly I've been looking at the code and I noted something I'm going to send via support email - please watch for it.

  15. Remember that if you autopost, sometimes you still don't show up in the tag pages till you edit it. I know that staff have taken a couple of whacks at this but the bug does still show up from time to time.

  16. I don't ever use that particular feature actually, I'm never that organized ;)

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