I didnt activate Coraline, now my widgets are all gone?

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    I just checked my blog, and noticed that all of my sidebar widgets are gone! It’s on the default currently. Did my widgets get lost?

    And what happened to my theme? What is Coraline and why did it change without any action on my part?

    Confused, frustrated that my content is missing…what should i do?

    The blog I need help with is davidcline.wordpress.com.



    The Coraline theme has replaced the Cutline theme which is probably what you were using. You can read more about this here:


    There’s more information about the change and answers to many questions can be found here:


    We are currently working on trying to restore the widgets for former Cutline users.



    Hi davidcline, could you please check your sidebar now? We restored three widgets that were missing: Image (get the software), Image (get the printer), and another Links widget. The rest were already in the sidebar.



    Ah, I see.

    I left a comment on that cutline-to-coraline faq post…kind of shocking that you’d make a change like this without much notification (email, etc. if something like content deletion is the outcome)

    I also mentioned the concern about some of my Pages that were marked Private suddenly were published as Public when I visited my site earlier today. What is that?

    Everything is back to normal now (I manually re-created the widgets and changed most settings back to how I had them)…all out of my anxiety to have everything back and running.

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