I didn't get any confirmation email

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    I didn’t work in this site becouse the site show me email verification. please help me urgently

    The blog I need help with is wholeproductsellerblog.wordpress.com.


    Hi there,

    Have you checked your Spam or Junk folder?
    Usually, if you don’t receive the email in the inbox it might go to spam or junk folder depending on the email service provider.
    You can click there move to inbox button or not spam.

    Please check this following link to troubleshoot the issue.
    Gmail issues:

    Let us know, if your problem remains unresolved.

    Best Wishes.


    I checked Everything. There are nothing. please help me to get the verification mail


    Hi there,

    I am tagging modlook to this thread for staffs attention, someone from staff will send the verification email manually and try to fix this.

    Have you checked the email address properly?

    If you’re using Gmail or any other custom email service provider, can you please try to add this email address to contact: (email redacted)



    If you’re using Gmail or any other custom email service provider, can you please add this email address to contact: [email redacted]

    donotreply at wordpress.com



    Hi there,

    The email you used to sign-up doesn’t exist. Please use the correct email by going to this page:


    If this doesn’t work or you have more questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help!


    There is any option to add any screenshot. I can show you my email id screenshot. please let me know


    (email redacted) This is my email



    Please visit this page to change your email address to the correct one:


    After that, you’ll be able to receive the verification email.


    There is a pending change of your email to (email redacted). Please check your inbox for a confirmation link.


    This message is showing me


    please confirm me my email id were not same



    I have cleared this message. You can now visit your account page and enter the correct email:



    Thanks for helping me. I got the confirmation email


    I am really glad that your issue has been resolved.

    Thanks, @fstat for helping with this issue.

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