I didn’t start this account

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    And I can’t start a new one because whoever did gave my email address. Although I’m sure you send confirmation emails, I would never (unless forced to) choose a username like g2-f6fd397d3116ef4f7b10cd5d2c850d7c. Also, I’m unable to change the nickname to something a little less randomly-hitting-keys-ish. If someone could help me to change the nickname (I’ve already done what the FAQ says to do a few times with no success), or if an admin could delete my account so I can start one that I actually want to start, that would be awesome.



    Didn’t you already post this before? There’s no point in posting exactly the same issue twice.


    No, I’m pretty sure I didn’t. According to my profile, this account was created on Feb 29 (about a week before I even thought of starting a wordpress account), and this is the only topic that has been started.



    Well someone with a very similar “username” did post exactly the same issue. Your best bet is to wait till Monday and deal with staff directly from the support button on your dashboard.


    Nifty. Someone out there is starting wordpress accounts with terribly long usernames for random people. But also, thank you. Now I just have to try to remember to do that.




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