I do not remember my login email

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    Good morning. I am the operator who opened https://comicagency.wordpress.com/. It is a site that opened a long time ago and does not use it. I forgot my email to sign in. Is there a way to find my subscription email? Is there a way to delete a site? My email is (email redacted). Help.


    Hi @seokhwan,

    If you are unable to access your site with your email then you will need to access your account using the Account Recovery Form which is accessible by clicking the “Need More Help?” button on the Password Reset page.

    Once you have accessed your account, you can follow the support page link below for further instructions on how to delete your site:





    Hi there,

    I can tell you the username that owns that site is shpark73. You can use that to try and reset the password. But we cannot tell you the email address associated with that username, nor can we confirm the email should you try to guess it.

    You can find more information on our account recovery options here:

    Account Recovery



    Can you help me to? I was sure I had both my email and user login, but I guess I was wrong. http://www.agilitylandslaget.wordpress.com




    In future, please start your own thread rather than posting into someone else’s.

    To access that site you need to log in as the username, rekrutt2012. For security reasons I cannot tell you the email address associated with that username.

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