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I do NOT want Google contacts to find me through my email.

  1. I do not want to make my blog private and closed off, however, I do NOT want my google contacts to be able to find my blog by clicking on "find friends" and then being told this is my blog! My email address is not shown on my blog, and likewise, I do not want anyone to be able to find me because of that feature. The privacy settings don't seem to address this? I want my blog to be open, but I also wish it to be anonymous. Thank you.
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  2. You need to change your email address under Users > Personal Settings to a new one that you haven't previously used for anything else. As your current email address will already have been disclosed to the blog owner if you posted any comments on a blog while logged in, for extra peace of mind you might also want to set up a new username.

  3. Thanks, wank. That was the only thing I could think of as well. I wish the site was a little more anonymous-blogger-friendly, though. :/

  4. Bit by bit, they're hacking away at online privacy because there's money in it for them. is still good provided you use an email address specifically for the blog. A lot of Anonymous people use it, for that reason.

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