I do not want the whole posts’ texts on the home page

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    Sometimes the posts on the home page of my blog are rather long.

    Q. Is it possible to publish only several lines of the post (for example – 10 lines) on the home page, so that a peron who wants to see more, has to click at the title of the post or at the <<more>> text, which would appear in case of long posts ?



    I think, there is one opt in Options. YOu can set it as Summary..


    This does not work for posts, only for feeds (Options -> Reading -> Syndication Feeds).


    Is it perhaps theme dependent?


    the best option is to click on the page break icon (rich text editor) or the more tag (raw editor) where you want the more tag to occur.

    alternately you can type:
    <!--more whateveryouwantthelinktosay -->

    and yes, the hemingway theme does automatically excerpt posts on the front page.



    no just add the more tag when you edit your post. you should be able to find the button when you edit it.


    Yes, it works! Thank you, indeed!



    After using the “more” tag where do I put therest of the post if I want it to go to the next page?



    You write the entire post inserting the <!–more–> tag in the spot you want the front page entry to end. If you use the visual rich text editor then you use icon #13. If you use the standard editor you click the [more] button and WordPress technology takes care of the rest. There’s nothing else you need to do to put the rest on another page. The software will insert the tag at the end of the excerpt and put the entire post on another page for you.

    This tag is meant to be used for long posts and not for every post. So be aware that some readers, like myself, are not impressed by those who try to create a second click stat for every post they publish in this format. I do not click through. And I do not return to read blogs where the blogger employs use of the more tag habitually to strategically secure a second click stat.

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