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I don't get any feedback on WP or FB

  1. Hello fellow WP enthusiasts. My particular love is Art, painting mostly. I had created a .com in 2008. called From there I began a Picasojo Art Studio fan page on FB. Most recently I have begun a WP page titled picasojo.

    I am a fan and admirer of Pablo Picasso and his life in and around art. His life has fascinated me since i saw his work in 83 at the MOMA. Hence, the name i chose - picasojo.

    I have 261 fans on FB and as of yet one comment on WP, a reciprocal one at that.. granted, I have not searched all the art pages yet, I intend to.

    Either my work sux and people wont comment that and critique it or I am blocked from the www and people cant see it. I also have written many stories and poems associated with the paintings connecting my words to the aRT.

    i have had a modicum of success with my endeavours, I have been is shows and sold a few paintings, designed logos for small businesses and created album covers & posters for bands in NYC.

    I am very bad at web design, so i think the website sux. Thats not helping me.... i know that. I have a 10 year plan, I'm in year 4. when I make some more $$ from my art, I will pay for my site to be re-done. right now i fund this with my teaching jobs.

    I have been looking for a web designer that would barter with me or become a partner, I know my business will produce 100,000 plus eventually and having a partner has always been in my mind. Right now I put in 30 hrs a week on top of my job, but To me my painting is not work and it is my passion. So it doesnt feel like work at all.

    I thank those intrepid readers who lasted this long reading my whine. If you can stop by any of my places and look, read and please lead feedback and most importantly share my pages with people you know who may like my undefined art, also any tips you have to draw patrons of the arts more importantly people who may love my art and or words, please help?

    All the Best,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    For what it's worth to you, I love your art! I just don't have hundreds (or thousands) of dollars available to buy any of it. Your poetry is easy to enjoy also. Leaving words of appreciation when you visit another's blog you like will help gain you readers, sometimes a friend, and maybe improved sales. Good luck.

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