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I don't have a "Plugin" link

  1. After reading the WordPress guide that shows you what you should have as a part of your administration panel, I can safely say that a part of mine is missing.
    Do I need to pay for plugins or something to that effect?
    Why would I have links missing?
    My "Files" and "Backup" link have also flown the coop.
    Please help.

  2. victoriacarolina

    Those are things available on the software, self-hosted on your own paid server space version. Not available on the free, .com hosted version. Lots more info re all of the above in the HUGE pink sticky at the top of the forum.

  3. Can someone please install very large and bright neon lights around that pink sticky?

  4. Been thinking about breaking it down into sub categories myself.

    Read this if you have a question about plugins
    Read this if you have a question about themes
    Read this if you have a question about BBQ
    Read this if you have a question about stats
    Read this if you think you're going to ask about your blog hosted elsewhere.

  5. victoriacarolina

    Hey, in re marc's post above: this would be the ONLY PERFECT PLACE for one of those blinky things combined with that horror known as a "marquee", right?

    *goes away snickering*

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