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I dont have access to the dahsboard fo my own blog - can you help fix that?

  1. I am getting this message:

    You are logged in as "chribgi3" and do not have the necessary privileges to access the dashboard for "Spotlight Health". If you are not "chribgi3", please log out, and log back in with your username. If you are "chribgi3" and you need access, please ask an administrator of the site to invite you

    Can anyone help? Do I need to get access tgo my own dashboard for my own blog? Confused - please help>

  2. How many username accounts do you have?

    You cannot access a blog without being logged in under the exact username account that registered the blog.

    Clicking this link should display all your blogs registered under the same username, including the hidden ones:

    If you do not see the blog here then
    follow this guide >

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