I don’t have any stats!

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    I know people are visiting my site…(not alot, like 3 (: ) but my stats come up completely empty. It says None everywhere! What’s that all about? I don’t get it.

    Signed, Sad ):


    Just be thankful that you have a stats page. I have a bogus graph. One that isn’t even related to my blog.



    NO, that’s what I have too! This weird Region a thing? I had something realish the 1st day, and now it’s all weird! But then where it says ‘posts that got the most traffic’ it just says none. And I’m not trying to be cocky, I just now that my sister in law read one of them today because she told me it was funny! Why didn’t that at least 1 visit show up? I”m confused!


    Have you guys submitted this through the FEEDBACK tool in your Dashboard? You are much more likely to get a technical response for a problem this that way than in the forum here.


    Yep, I did. Two days ago. Still waiting to hear something.
    Nada. So I come to forum to see if anyone else has heard anything. Nada.
    I don’t know if this is a huge problem that they don’t know how to fix, or if it is something they consider below their notice and haven’t begun working on yet.
    Don’t know.



    Perhaps those that can log-in to their accoutns on a regular basis, can ask via feedback for those of us who can’t.



    Judging from this and other threads, stats are just broken at the moment. This doesn’t bother me personally as I barely look at mine, but I do feel your pain. Not terribly helpful, I know.

    Feedback never gets a direct response, by the way. Or if it does, I haven’t been one of the favoured few. But my logic is that if enough people keep bombarding them with feedback, eventually the issue will have to be addressed somewhere. Forum threads are easy to ignore; feedback landing in your inbox, less so.



    I’m not sure the feedback is working any more. You used to get an email with each item of feedback you posted and I haven’t got any since the SSL changes.



    yeah, this is really starting to go down since they redid it. Its slower now cant delete links or anything. No sidebar editor and for stats all i have is this stupid graph that says 2003, 2004, 2005 i know this stuff is free but still quality needs to be done.

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