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i dont have permission!?!?

  1. It still doesn't work. Could it be a system problem because last night I could not edit an entry either. The connection timed out several times.

  2. Same problem for me... I can't create categories. Also, I realize that there are bugs and there are temporary solutions around bugs... but I don't want to have to log out, clear, log in or download an entirely new browser just to add a category.

    When is it going to be fixed?

  3. I've got the same problem: when trying to delete a post or page thru the 'manage>post', I can't do it (i appears "you are not allowed to do this", but it can be done in post/page edition. I've got administrator rights (i'm the only user, and I havn't made any changes in my status)
    Thank you very much

  4. *sigh* Didn't we go through this a few months ago when they did upgrades on the backend?

  5. Same here. Two weeks ago created a category with no problem and as a brand new user. Today, same process but I keep getting "You don't have permission to do that." Enter key doesn't make a difference.

    Sounds like a system bug?

  6. As per the many other threads in this forum, it appears that an upgrade of some sort is occuring. Just hold on until we know more.

    Us old times like me and wank and marc and others have been through it before. :)

  7. Hi guys! Same problem on me and the site is really important... :/

    You can see the error thats chasing me every time I try to modify categories and such, on

    For the record, I'm using Firefox, I'm using several different accounts and I did not cleared the cookies.

    Greetz to all.

  8. Yo Guys! It works (for now) for me!

    After reading that could be something wrong with the cookies, I remembered I never used IE7 to logon on my blog. I did that, and it worked!

    Apparently it's something with the cookies. So if I use only IE7 to login with one account, I think that should be ok.

    Any further news I'll publish them here.


  9. I do have permission, I don't have permission, I do have permission, I don't have permission.

    I became aware of this problem only because one of my categories was deleted somehow (I'm pretty sure I didn't do it mistakenly).

    Having a few problems are we? I must say I'm annoyed that I wasn't informed of the many changes being made to, is there a way I can get email notifications of interesting pieces of maintenance news, if not PLEASE add one WP. Yes, I already read the blog and no, I don't subscribe via RSS/Atom. Until a better feed reader is available for free on the web, I don't have enough room for all of the services I use.

    Okay, I'm going to go try to edit my categories again, wish me luck.

  10. Yeah, I can't delete some test Pages I made. Something is seriously wrong with the entire system. WP must have tried to roll in a new feature or upgrade and something went wrong.

    I'm sure they're working hard to correct the situation.

  11. Does a force reload help? (Shift + Reload button) That has fixed it in most cases. If you still see this problem after a force reload, send a feedback from your admin area. The feedback form will tell us what browser you are using so that we can see if there are any browser trends.

  12. This may not be the best workaround for the Delete Category attempts above, but I elected to Edit the Category, and just changed the name. I didn't get permissions error, and I only had to reclassify a couple of posts.

    I agree with one of the previous posts - there is some form of update going on in the background, and either it isn't fully implemented, or it caused something they didn't expect.

    Hopefully we'll see something soon.

  13. Some people couldn't add categorys, and I think I've found the solution. Use Fire Fox, Logout Clear Cookies, Log backin go to Manage>Categorys, click add new category then type in the name of the category. Once your done, DON'T CLICK THE BUTTON! Click enter. the first time you do so, an error will come up again saying:

    "You don't have permission"

    Press enter again and it should show up. It worked for me!
    All the best!

  14. Some AJAX updates went in, among other things. The permission denied problems are usually because the brower cache did not flush. Performing a force reload and/or emptying the cache usually fixes it. If doing those things does not help, please leave a feedback via your admin panel.

  15. I had the same problem and found that using usernames with blank spaces in them, like John Doe will result in this 'you don't have permission' problem.
    So, as soon as I edited the username to just 'johndoe' - the problem was solved.
    Perhaps this might help someone of you.

  16. Hitting Enter instead of the Add Category button worked for me. Linux, Firefox 2.0. Removing cookies after logout and clearing cache did not solve the problem.

    Thanks for the tip.

  17. I'm having the "you don't have permission probelm" as well. I'm trying to delete links in by blogroll, and (in IE7 and FF2) I keep getting that message. I can't delete or edit links. Has anyone solved this yet?

  18. I think Ryan discusses what to do a few posts up. Always reading the thread that you post in is a good idea. :)

  19. I signed up for a new hosting provider and used Fantastico to install WP 2.0.6. I then followed the upgrade instructions to move up to 2.1.

    If I try to delete a post under the "Manage" tab, it says "You do not have permission to do that." Same if I try to add a category.

    I am the only user setup on this blog and I am an Administrator.

    I have changed the CHMOD permissions to allow anyone to write/read/execute my entire wp folder.

    Any help? This is driving me crazy!

  20. @supplespub
    You have unfortunately posted to the wrong wordpress support forum. This is the support forum and we run on different software than does. We do not "intsall" upgrades here. We just blog and our beloved geeks do all the geeky stuff. Because we are running different software we do not answer questions on installations. This is the correct forum link for you to ask your questions at
    Best of luck :)

  21. Do search first when you get over there. It's a much discussed topic over there.

  22. Thanks for the response guys. I've searched and posted with not much luck. If anyone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction...:)

  23. For those who come across this looking for a solution...

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