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I don't know how to log in to my own website.

  1. I have a wordpress website but I don't know how to log into it. It's I bought the URL through go daddy but linked it to wordpress. I have worked on it before and have logged in and out but for whatever reason I can't seem to figure out how to log in now. Usually when I visited my website there was a tab gave me the option to log in towards the top of the page I believe. But now its not there. Help?

    I'm very confused with the difference between and When i worked on my website before I could only work on it through

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have a WordPress.ORG install so you need to make friends at WordPress.ORG - but in the mean time here is your log-in

  3. For more on the difference:

  4. Thank you! It worked!
    How do you navigate to that log-in? (For the next time)
    Where can I find that page?

  5. I know what the log-in code call is - bookmark it or add the Meta Widget that should have a Log-in link

    You be welcome & good luck

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