I don’t know what to call it–a link? A bookmark?

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    Hi, guys, I tried to search for my answer but I’m not sure what to look for! Here’s what I want to do. I discussed a poem in my post. I want to type the poem on a new page, and make a word “hot” in the post so that if you click on it, you open a new window and go to the poem. I do not understand terminology yet, and I need the steps, like, ‘First, you do this’ and then, ‘Second, you do this.’ I looked at the thing that said bookmarks, but am not sure if that’s the thing I want. Also, how does one create the page to put in the blank where the address should go, if ‘bookmark’ is the right place? I don’t want it to be a new post, just a page.



    First go to write>page. Then type in your poem. Publish the page. Copy the address of the page. Go back to your post and edit it. Highlight the word you want to link to the page and then press the link icon (looks like a chain) and enter the paste the url of the page there. Make sure you save it.



    You also may find these FAQ’s useful
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    Vivian, thank you so much. Very clear directions! I looked at your blog, too–it bears study! Looks great and interesting. By the way, I couldn’t find my original post and only saw your answer by accident. It sucks to be a newbie! Okay, let me apply those directions and see if I can do it. May God repay you, Dios le pague, as we say south of the border.


    Vivian, it worked just great. Thank you.



    Glad to help. Happy blogging!

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