I don't know what to do, Ipage hijacked my domain name and site.

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    Hello, I really need help! I love using WordPress, I have been using it through a hosting service (Ipage) and my own domain name jordanswain.com. My WordPress site is jordanswain.com/RHS . Ipage just did a horrible thing and told me my domain name has expired (no warning, no service) and cut off all access to my site, my content, and my domain name. I am so upset. I am a teacher and use my site for my classes (every day). Is there a way I can get into my site now? Can I switch my site to a WordPress site and host it with WordPress? I don’t know anything about this stuff, I am sorry if I sound dumb… I don’t even know what to do. Any help would be so appreciated.
    : ) Jordan Swain



    Well, if you can’t get at the content, I don’t know if you can import anything. You can certainly start a site here though, and you already have: http://jordanswain.wordpress.com/. See if they’ll give you an export file of the old blog, and then you should be able to import it here.

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