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I don't know where to place this, but...

  1. legallyunblonde

    WordPress should put in more new themes other than what they have here!

    This one is pretty nifty.

  2. There's a big thread in the main forum about theme recommendations, so do a search there and add this suggestion. They do add themes every few months.

  3. I don't know where to place this, but...
    I know it's bad laughing at other's unhappiness, but usernames that's suddenly changed into something like


    are always so funny to me.

    please, divine angels, keep my blog and username and fame secure. don't let such thing happen to me...

  4. wow yellaojrak, that's raw.
    in that case I hope it happens to you as well. the sooner the better.

  5. No. Please don't... It would make me laugh so hard that I cry.

  6. You should have placed this below the topic after this one

  7. Hahahahaha...

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