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    I don’t know how to best describe this matter. I will do my best. I have a company that has elected to start a blog at their site under my http://www.secondchancetolive.wordpress.com and you can see this by going to my blog and after clicking on blog stats, go down to the area that states Growing Blogs, Second Chance to Live. Below is a brief overview. Arizona Living has started a blog under my name, with their name attached to it. Is this legit and if not what can I do about the misrepresentation? My blog is not part of Arizona Living.
    Second Chance To Live. Thanks for your help.


    Saturday, March 24, 2007
    Second Chance To Live

    Second Chance To Live

    Second Chance to Live is a blog that presents topics to encourage, motivate and empower the reader.

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    this is strange. What you have found is here: http://secondchancetolive.blogspot.com/

    This seems to be something telling people to check out your blog (since they link to it), but i don’t understand why they would create a whole new blog site for it. You should probably contact them using the info on their other site here: http://senior-living.blogspot.com/

    Don’t start out defensive, just ask them why they have created a new blog that seems to be devoted to your blog.

    I have put in these links in case other wordpress folks want to see what you’re talking about and weigh in, too.


    Thanks so very much Judy. You are truly a kind person. Have a great day. Craig


    I sent them this letter.
    Hello Senior Living,
    My Name is CJ Noble and I am the owner and operator of http://www.secondchancetolive.workpress.com. Recently I noticed that you have linked to my site. I have a question. Why have you created a new blog that seems to be devoted to my blog?

    Thank you for your time.

    CJ Noble



    let us know what they say :)


    I have yet to get a reply from Senior Living. I am not sure what to do at this point. Any suggestions? Thanks.



    Nothing. It seems to me that they found your site worthwhile and want to point their readers to it. You see that list of blogs on there? I bet anything whoever set this up is paid by the blog and is trying to set up a network of blogs that will all point to one another for SEO purposes.

    In any case, that’s not your problem. If they’re not stealing your content, I see no harm in having someone point to and talk about you. It happens. It’s what the internet is all about.


    Thanks Raincoaster. I noticed after posting and looking on my blog stat page that their link is no longer where it was before. No response from Senior Living via email. They removed the link. If it shows up again, I will let you know.


    This morning I notice Arizona Living’s link was a part of my incoming links. I have not gotten a response back from my email I sent to them. I have done some research online in my attempt to contact blogger support, with out any help being found. Instead, I got this information.

    http://bloggerfordummies.blogspot.com/2006/03/how-to-contact-blogger-support.html which essentially has told me that I can’t contact blogger.{ I am so glad I did not get mixed up with this organization.}

    I am needing any wise persons help. The incoming link on my blog stat page points to a Google Beta page that links to a blog with secondchancetolive, which suggests that I am a member of BLOGGER. I am not a member of blogger, nor would I ever be. I believe it is a rouse to point those who go to link that I have nothing in my blog, and then to steer the reader to Arizona Living. How can I put a stop to this type of behavior?

    Can anyone help me resolve this matter with blogger?

    Thanks. Craig




    I posted a comment on secondchancetolive.blogspot.com for you. Here’s what it says:

    Thanks for linking to my friend’s blog. He works very hard on it.

    Please make sure your readers know that he is not, however, affiliated with Arizona Senior Living or Maricopa County.

    Thanks again!

    I figured if they were really just trying to promote you out of the goodness of their hearts, they wouldn’t have a problem with my comment. If, however, they are trying to do something underhanded, they will probably delete it. Check back on their blog tomorrow and over the next week or so to see if there is any response on their part.


    Thanks so very much Judy. You are a blessing to me. Craig


    Hi Judy,
    Arizona Living is still linked to my blog in the format http://secondchancetolive.blogspot.com/ with out any reply. Mark told me that there is really anything I can do about arizona living choses to do with my blog. Anyone have any experience with a similiar concern? Thanks. Craig



    Yes, lots of times. And I didn’t become concerned. You have a choice to attempt to control every conversation about you, to intervene on those you consider heinous, or to let it go completely. If you choose the first, you will never rest. If you choose the second, I have to wonder what about this particular link makes it appear malevolent to you.



    I agree with raincoaster.
    The blogosphere is all about linking. If you have a blog that no one links to then it’s a “dead duck” so to speak.
    You can’t control who links to your blog. And as these people are not helping themselves to your content, what exactly do you perceive the problem to be?


    Thanks so much for your input. Much appreciated. I will let this one go. A good suggestion.
    Have a nice weekend.



    Have a good weekend too. :)

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