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I dont like this site, it wipe out my hard work

  1. Basically we meant to do a weekly assignment, that is to write a blog entries about specific topic.
    I started writing it from 12 and just finished it, and when i click save darft, it becomes a BLANK entry!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sometimes life's lessons are hard ones, but you can't blame someone else for your mistakes. You should not work for hours on something without saving it - what would happen if the power goes out for some reason? I guess that would be someone else's fault also? They have save buttons for a reason, you should learn how to use them. I type my stuff on my computer and then copy it over when I am done - that way I always have a backup copy. I also save hit save periodically so I don't lose a ton of work.

  3. Firstly go back and find the post you wrote...
    In your dashboard there should be a module that says "Recent Drafts".
    (you might have to open the module by clicking the little triangle on the right of the module)
    If it doesn't have a title yet it still should be listed as (No Title)

  4. @poeywycheung
    You may be able to recover what you lost. If you clicked "save" once while creating the post or page them the autosave will have kicked in and created post revisions or page revisions that your can locate and restore. Rather than typing this all out again for you you can use the process here >

    Also note that if you use an offline blog editor like windowslive writer or Ecto, etc. then you will have a back-up of every post or page you publish to your blog on your own computer.

  5. You might also want to consider something like Windows Live Writer if you are on a PC so you can write your Posts on your PC then upload them when you are ready to go - there are also similar programs available for a Mac.

    If you use some sort of editor and paste to your blog remember to paste as plain text or you will have formatting problems

  6. I did click save draft like every 10 mins, however when I finished I clicked on preview, and it gave me a blank page and I was dead shock and try to go back and check it out, and I could only get around 15% back(12x words out of 5xx words) i have been using different blog systems for the past few years and they were all fine so I never experienced any problem like this so I assume wordpress should be fine too.

    Anyways thanks for everyone's help. Will be careful for now on.

  7. @poeywycheung
    When I am working in the editor what I do is enter a title on a draft and immediately click "save" so the autosave feature comes into play and revisions are created. Thereafter I click "save" every few lines or so.

    You're welcome from me. I'm so sorry this happened to you and extend you best wishes for happier blogging from now on.

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