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    Hello, I am trying to upload a theme, but on my blog there is not an option next to manage themes as appears should be best on a some other tutorials I searched for. What should I do?

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    Here at it’s not possible to upload your own themes, you need to choose from the pre-loaded themes (you can also customise them with the Custom CSS upgrade), so this is why you’re a “Install Themes” tab under Appearance > Themes in your dashboard.

    Don’t worry though – there’s an awful lot of flexibility here at, both through the aforementioned Custom CSS Upgrade which allows you (if you’re CSS handy) to customise one of the existing themes to your needs, or perhaps by looking at one of our Premium themes.

    If you’re having trouble finding a theme to suit you, you can browse through the Theme Showcase.

    To clarify, uploading themes is a feature of self-hosted, powered blogs, not those here at so tutorials you’re seeing referencing installing or uploading themes are geared towards users. There’s some extra documentation which outlines the differences between the two here.

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