I don't want my hernehunter story as an account.

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    I appear to have two accounts – one very well used, one a mystery! Hernehunter was the name of a story I started (Hearns is my maiden name – linked to the pagan Herne the Hunter). My married name is Michele Burstein and I have paid for (email redacted). I have made over 70 original entries including a couple of photo essays. I have been having trouble with my email for a long time and finally got it sorted out with Yahoo Xtra today. I was (email redacted) – a family member hated me using that and nagged me until I caved in and changed it to (email redacted). That stirred up a hornet’s nest so I tried (email redacted). Even worse. So I contacted Xtra today and the source of all my trouble is that my original email appears to like me and has been holding all my mail for me – 2000 plus! Ye gods. So on Xtra’s advice I want to use my original (email redacted) – only wordpress seems to think that the story I stared was an account! HELP! It isn’t. I want to use my active legitimate email – (email redacted) for my site – writingzme with the passwordI entered tonight. Please can this be sorted and can someone get back to me!? Thank you.



    We deal with threads on a first posted first severed basis. There are many who posted threads with date stamps and time stamps prior to your thread here > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/i-want-access-to-my-work?replies=6 Please return to that thread and provide the information required so we can provide support in that thread.

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