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  1. WTF is going on with WordPress?

    I don't want "Possibly Related Links" on my posts. How can I turn this ridiculous and unwarranted series of links off.

  2. Nevermind.

    I figured out how to shut this moronic feature off.

    Enough WordPress. Stop tampering with things and making our lives more complicated. If the point is to drive people away from WordPress, you seem to be succeeding beautifully.

  3. What's your beef with this feature?

  4. I just turned it off myself. One, I don't like new stuff appearing on my blog without being told about it in advance - and posting it in someone's blog somewhere doesn't count, I keep a blog but have better things to do that be on these forums etc. unless there's a problem. They need to figure out a way to send an email or put a notice in your blog's dashboard than just unleashing crap on you.

    But two, the quality of the related links is just awful. Most of the ones on my posts made zero sense. They run the risk of being ridiculous, offensive, etc - here, check out the WordPress Google FAQ page. Related link: "Beaming Online Services Toward Blacks." WTF?

  5. how did you remove it?

    I'm glad to hear there is a way to do it, but I would appreciate a hint...

    thank you!

  6. Design: Extras - click where it gives you an option to not show links.

    looks like either we promote trash like links to Michelle Malkin, or we lose out on the thing that made wordpress a leading blog platform.

  7. I actually would like it, but of about a dozen posts I've checked, only one - the lastest - actually shows anything. Hit and miss.

  8. It's an OPTIONAL</stong> extra people, you know, something you can use if you want to or turn it off if you to not? Snapshots is optional as well; turn it on if you want it, turn it off if you do not.

  9. turning off the strong tag.

  10. woah.. another unwelcome shock from WordPress... i guess they haven't learnt from last time.

  11. from the way it is phrased on the Extras page, it looks a little more than just a simple option.

    I'm hoping I'm wrong, but it looks like if you don't agree to host the "possibly related links," the option says:

    "Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way"


  13. @ thesacredpath -

    Stop screaming at people. Truly optional would be if it was opt-in, not opt-out as it was implemented.

    @twitterpaters -

    Under Design > Extras, what it means is that if you remove the offending/unrelated links from your posts, your posts also won't show up on those same blogs, where they would be equally offending/unrelated. If you don't want to be associated with those posts, it's the most complete way to break the link.

  14. The one thing I've really learned from the last few weeks on WordPress is that some people don't cope with change terribly well. And any change, whatsoever, seems to bring out the drama queen in some.

  15. The good news is: it doesn't show up in your RSS feed.

  16. @ Engtech - I'm trying to understand why many are so upset over it not being local linking. It seems like local linking would only be beneficial to those who have a themed blog; where they write about the same types of things. I like have 'similar links' if they're pertinent. I guess we're all gonna have an opinion, but I just don't see where linking just within one's blog is gonna expand the information superhighway?

  17. It would be cool if this feature could be like pinging/commenting is on blog posts where one could select whether a particular entry would have related links (coming to one's blog and from one's blog) or not. Just a thought. I'm sure many would agree that some postings we're more inclined to link out than others.


    I have it unchecked to begin with and when I click on a single post title, I get this unrelated and unwanted &^%$ appended to my post like some frikkin vandalism!!!

  19. @diamondfistwerny --> *I* get to choose what links go on my blog, not some damned algorithm! If you want to run your blog like a blank wall that any eejit can scribble on, that's your business. Don't try to spread that disease to me or others.

  20. Christ on a flagpole! Wp doesn't even do consistency with their check boxes!

    I see now.

    ENABLE that stupid Snap IS a check

    DISABLE the stupid scribble from others IS a check also.

    Wonderful. One check to ENABLE, another check to DISABLE.

    WTF, WP, hire some UI guys from Apple as consultants!

  21. I really wish people involved in the decision making process ate their own dog food and used (not .org) full time.

  22. Go to Dashboard.
    Click "Design"
    Click "Extras"
    Put a Checkmark on "Hide Related Links"
    Click Update box below

    This should fix it.

    I don't know what's up with WordPress and why they're torturing the community with unnecessary and unwanted fixes and add-ons. They seem committed to pissing people off and creating a pool of angry bloggers. I've never seen so many hostile and frustrated posts in the forum section.

    I no longer recommend WordPress to friends using Blogger. I just can't in good conscience.

    I hope the above instructions helps you guys to shut off the ridiculous "Related Links" feature that nobody wants and nobody asked for.

  23. I haven't turned it off on my blog yet, but I don't see it happening on my blog. Would someone who does have it happening on their blog post me a link so I can see it? Thanks a lot!

  24. >>>I don't know what's up with WordPress and why they're torturing the community with unnecessary and unwanted fixes and add-ons. They seem committed to pissing people off and creating a pool of angry bloggers. I've never seen so many hostile and frustrated posts in the forum section.

    I wish they would do a damned mail list or put notices more prominently at sign in!

    @fracas -> Click on the title of one of your posts to read that individual post. Then scroll to bottom. That's when it shows up. Otherwise, like some bad virus, it's invisible!

    I have no idea how long that crap was on my blog. I now wonder if that accounts for some strange outgoing links I've seen from my blog in the Dashboard!!

  25. Hi mikecane.. I've actually tried that already. I read the threads here, went and read the WP announcement, and so tried several posts at my own blog. It doesn't appear for me.

    So does that mean others can see related links on my blog, but I can't? That would be worse.

  26. Perhaps it is just me, but I didn't care for it. I didn't like the "surprise unveiling" either. It has been disabled, and I will wait a while before I make a final decision on it.

    1. I should chose who, what, where, when and why. That is what I paid for. Choice.
    2 It was my opinion that hopefully someone would benefit from my musings or whatever, and that they would be encouraged to "stay awhile" and read some of the other stuff. Not just the current post. This looks like it will drive them away, not entice them to stay.

    The links I saw today, my intial encounter, did not make sense to me. Some of them frankly were just plain stupid.

  27. @fracas-> Just went to your blog. Clicked on several posts. I didn't see anything, either. You could either be very, very lucky or your posts are so general interest that they defeat the WP algorithm!

  28. Personally, this is a horrible feature. If it featured posts from my blog then I would love it. That with what was requested. I've found totally inappropriate and unhelpful links on other blogs and on my own. I'm very unhappy with this feature since I have no control over other people's blogs.

    If I want to link to other people's blogs and content, I want control over what I link to. Through tags, links, and recommendations. A "possibly related" isn't good enough for me, nor should it be good enough for anyone. There are better ways of creating community within, and this isn't it.

    I do hope many will complain loudly and the feature, which has been requested since day one, will be changed to link to our own posts and not random hits on other blogs which may lead our readers down an unwanted path.

  29. @ lorelle - Good to see you amongst us. You say this has been requested from day one, linking to our own posts, but this is not that. This is Sphere, without the icon.

    There is a thread here with nearly 100 posts requesting Sphere Related Content. Who knows how many other people contacted support directly, requesting it? And now we have it.

    Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

    That said, I do have Sphere on my self-hosted blog and have disabled this new feature on my .com blogs until it's more refined.

  30. @ellaella- it's not "damned if they do, damned if they don't." I certainly don't begrudge anyone who wants this feature to have it. I do object to a stealth auto-addition, with an opt-out you have to go to the support forums to figure out where it is. That's my main objection; that the relevancy is sucking is more of a corollary. I might also note that if it were more smartly done graphically so that it were clearly engine-generated instead of how it looks now, where you can't really tell it's not part of the post body, I might even consider using it in the future.

    They could add another 200 features I don't want to use, and I won't gripe a word, as long as I don't log into my blog and see new contradictory crap festooning my posts as a surprise.

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