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  1. >>>They could add another 200 features I don't want to use, and I won't gripe a word, as long as I don't log into my blog and see new contradictory crap festooning my posts as a surprise.


  2. @fracas: The only one of mine to do is my latest post:

    I went back through and edited my old posts to see if that would trigger it but it didn't. Dunno why some and not others. I figured it was because some got searched and some didn't.

  3. @ mikecane and jessica - thanks for the replies. My posts for the last few days have had to do with the renovating I've been doing on the blog. I won't disable the feature until I post newer material and see how it turns out. I had to laugh Jessica, because the first link on your possibly related list was actually to mikecane. Is that not funny?

  4. Everybody read this, because this is the #1 reason you DON'T want this feature!

    @fracas: I have a screenshot of one of your blogposts, the one called "Looking for Miley Cyrus Underwear Photos?", in which you quite correctly call adults looking for pictures of a naked teenage girl gross.

    link to your post:

    link to a screenshot of the bottom of the post:

    The first link is to a 404 page, which doesn't speak so well for the algorithm that wordpress is using.

    The second link is more of a problem. It leads to a post that is nothing more than a link to a picture of Miley Cyrus (the 15-year-old) flashing her bra.

    In other words, your post taking people to task for looking for a racy picture of a teenager LEADS DIRECTLY TO A RACY PICTURE OF A TEENAGER!

  5. "I do object to a stealth auto-addition, with an opt-out you have to go to the support forums to figure out where it is."


    "Stealth" is the way WordPress works.

    They just make the change (like the new, dreadful dashboard) and without polling the community to see if we're interested in a radical change or add-on.

    As I said on several forum threads about the new dashboard, this is not the way to create a happy community of bloggers. Shame on WordPress.

  6. johnmccainissoold

    Oh, my! I rarely click on my own posts so I didn't even know this was on there. It's gone now.

  7. I don't think a lot of people even know that this new feature exists! I mean how many actually click on an individual entry as opposed to just reading the entry within their blog? Seems that, so far, only those who regulary check what Admin talks about, knows. Which is why it seems it would be a good idea to make this a flash bulletin, along the lines of how we're informed when our dashboard is going down for a hot minute.

  8. I turned it off myself.... I think the guys at WP.COM need to really think about this one, because I tend to believe if the community gets winds of this, people will be bailing in bucket loads.

  9. @pipsqueak4

    Thanks for that. I think I'll do as so many others have done and turn it off. I figure I'm doing all right for traffic on my own, I don't need the occasional link from someone else's blog at the expense of deciding who I want to link to from mine.

  10. Yes, an option for linking to related posts in your own blog would be very popular.

  11. Lazyaussie:

    Between global tags in posts and now this related links outside the post, it's clear that WP's mission is, for reasons I cannot fathom, to keep readers from staying at one site for any length of time.

  12. The day an unsuspecting WordPress member authors a post and this ridiculous feature links to a series of mature, AKA, porno links, WordPress could find itself in a whole lot of legal trouble.

    My blog is political and doesn't attract kids. I don't censor replies, including the use of profanity. As long as the responses aren't racist or homophobic, my readers are free to say whatever is on their mind.

    But some blogs are run by youngsters and this terribly flawed feature could send a "related link" to a blog run by a person in the minority, AKA, a child. You really have to wonder if WordPress ever stops to think about these issues BEFORE they implement them? Apparently, they don't think about these issues.

  13. Fantastic. I found this damned feature (by accident, of course!) tonight and a quick Google search brought me right here. I HATE this kind of 'didn't-ask-for-it' functionality. Thanks all for the answers in this thread

  14. I agree whole heartedly with mxyzplk - add as many features as you want - but let me choose which ones to activate.

    The negative connotation applied "if I dare turn it off I'll loose so much potential traffic" doesn't work for me - if you want to find out stuff related to what I write about - do a search.

    As for the randomness factor of U tube etc (and such as stumbleupon) if I was that desperate to be entertained that I needed to be presented random links in the hope something appealed, I'd turn off the computer and find something more productive to do.

    If this feature (again as mentioned) was bringing up content solely from my site, and others I have specifically selected, then I'd definitely welcome it. (And vis-a-vis if I was reading a site, and there were links presented that I knew were to sites the author supported enough to include potential random links to their content, then I'd be more inclined to consider them)

    Providing random links to encourage people to navigate away from my site (or to encourage people to leave the site they are reading to come to mine) seems as welcome as street spruikers. I may like getting new traffic, but I'm not that desperate. It's like google adverts of the blogosphere.

  15. Re: "Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way. "
    Why won't my blog show up on other blogs if I disable it?

  16. myitchyfingers


    I found my blog linked to another person's similiar post and came here to check out what's happening. So I followed the advice and went to the DESIGN > EXTRA to try turn off the feature but it reads: "Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other’s blogs or get traffic that way" So turning this feature off means you won't get your blog to appear on other people's blog automatically BUT you will STILL get other people's blog AUTOMATICALLY appear on your own? I don't want other people's blog to appear on mine without me screening through them first...:( Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

  17. Thanks for posting the solution to get rid of those links. I was really annoyed at the totally unrelated and inappropriate spam that showed up on my blog. So people with time on their hands don't get a chance to visit my blog? I guess I can live with that. Sheesh.

  18. But we're not worse off than we were before link wise if we uncheck the button are we?

  19. Thanks for the help in turning this feature off, guys. I agree - I was really put out that it suddenly appeared on my blog. It looks cheap and unprofessional, especially since none of the linked posts were remotely related and many of them linked to blogs with whom I would rather not be associated.

    Note to WordPress:

    1. You're getting a lot of feedback here that nobody appreciates what is essentially a spam feature magically appearing in their blog overnight. Some of us work hard to get our audience and present a certain face to that audience, and this Adsense for blogs can really alienate them. You will lose customers this way.

    2. Whatever algorithm you're using, it's not working. I think that even though people were put out that they had to opt out of the feature, we might actually USE it if it functioned as it should - which is, presumably, that it would lead us to posts on similar topics. The ones I had, I couldn't even figure out what theoretical keyword matchup brought me there. The way it works currently, I can't even see the value to me of having my blog appear on other people's - because, presumably, my blog would be a poor match to their readers, and they won't know why they've been routed there.

  20. Agree - if there was the option for "related links from within your own blog" great - but I think most of us want to know exactly what content will be seen on our pages.

    Very surprised at WordPress over this 'great new feature' - clearly not a universally held view...

    Thanks to all for helping turn this thing off.

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