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I don't want to be wydenz anymore. This is embarassing!

  1. Hi,

    I want to create my own, new professional WP Blog. Having troubles with it. Even tried signing up for a new account with new e-mail address so that maybe I could change my user name and blog name, but never received E-mail that I was supposed to get..

    Now, they are reserving my blog name that I want (I was the one that reserved it), what's the deal?

    Botttom line. I thought I completely disabled my blog and account, can't login, however, to them and to me Sara = wydenz (a male enhancement product) that I once did market. This is embarassing and I am trying to move forward. PLEASE HELP!!!

    [email redacted]

  2. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. They will need details regarding exactly which blog(s) and username(s) you are referring to.

  3. Thanks. I believe the blog name was

  4. is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

    Is on the way to the back of the pack - however search engines never seem to completely forget -

  5. I deleted it. I was the Author (I think). However, whenever I login to WordPress, I am still called "wydenz," or at least that is what my blog is called.

  6. You need a new account - get a new email that is not connected to you (can be a throwaway) - change the email in your "wydenz," account - delete any web site info (everything else) - save the changes with a secure password (long) print and save the password and log in info just in case.

    Log out and make a new account (blog not needed unless you want a new blog) using your good name - put in the info you want and regular email etc.

    seems there is another step but can't remember it - with a bit of luck one of the others will add that info.

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