i don't want to offend the unsuspecting reader…

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    adult content filter… i’m gonna write about my life… & well, life can be dirty & i don’t want some minor coming along and reading something age-inappropriate.

    so, for example, in google’s Blogger, there’s an adult content warning that one can put in front of their blog to give the random surfer the head’s up. i like this idea & want to apply it to my blog but don’t see a way to do this…

    any suggestions?



    There is no such warning here. You can create a static front page with your own warning on it. http://en.support.wordpress.com/pages/front-page/#setting-up-a-static-front-page

    You can also report your mature content blog to Staff. Go to the front of the blog and on the gray Admin bar locate the drop-down on the left hand side click “report this content” and carry through.

    If you are publishing a blog that you expect will contain content that is intended for mature audiences, we ask that you provide us the courtesy of reporting your own blog by using the Report as Mature option in the blog menu of your Toolbar. http://en.support.wordpress.com/mature-content/



    Looks like your blog is already set to Mature, which keeps links to it out of the forums and your comments, and also keeps it off the tag pages where someone might stumble onto it.


    hey! i’d like to thank you both for your prompt & appreciated help! i feel much better about not unnecessarily scaring an unsuspecting mind!!

    THANK YOU!!!


    You’re welcome.

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