i downloaded a theme, now how do i use it?

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    i have downloaded a theme from wordpress.org. How do I use it? I have unlocked the CSS style sheet for 15$. Can someone help me?



    um…I think your in the wrong forum, you need to head over to the wordpress.ORG forum because wordpress.COM blogs can’t use uploaded themes


    If this is the domain mapped blog you are talking about, http://lylebphillips.com/ , then as aw1923 says, we cannot upload themes here at wordpress.COM. We are limited to the themes listed under appearances > themes because themes used here have to be modified and tested to work with the version of the software in use here.

    And CSS, is theme specific, so the CSS from the theme you downloaded is highly unlikely to work with any of the themes here without serious modification.

    There are a good number of “skins” (CSS) for the Sandbox theme that have been developed to work with the Sandbox theme used here but whether one of those would meet your needs I don’t know. Some of what is available is on this blog: http://sandboxskins.wordpress.com/ .

    Also note that the CSS upgrade does not allow you to change the functionality of the themes, it just allows you to change the look of things, and depending on your expertise with CSS, you can also move things around. There is a lot that can be done with the Sandbox theme because it is wide open and there are some people here who have done some amazing things with it.



    Hi thesacredpath,
    I have downloaded a theme from wordpress.ORG. Now I would like to get it configured in my blog, is there a way that I can do that?

    Thanks in advance.


    Are you hosted here at wordpress.COM, the free hosting service? If so did you read the first paragraph in my post above yours?

    If you are self-hosted using the software from wordpress.ORG, did you read aw1923’s post right above mine?



    Did you read any of the discussion above?

    If your blog is self-hosted you need to ask at http://wordpress.org/support

    If your blog is hosted here at wordpress.com, that theme will be useless to you.



    Great minds think alike!


    Yes, we be in synch!

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