I enter new Comment on my own blog’s item & it does not show up.

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    Sometimes (like right NOW), I enter a new Comment on one of my own blog’s items (just as a reader would, and i am logged in), and it does not show up.

    It does not even show up under Dashboard, Comments, etc.

    I post it again (from the reading the comments page — as a reader would), and it says DUPLICATE COMMENT “looks like you already said that”…

    yet it still does not show up.



    Have you checked the Akismet spam filter? Sometimes comments end up in there.



    And sometimes it also take a while before they’ll show up in Akismet. I had a comment I made on my own blog show up in Akismet two days after the fact.



    What the first two responses have advised, happened to me in the past. It was ongoing and everything I posted was sucked into the spam filter both at my own blog and others’. After submitting an example to the WordPress staff, the problem was resolved for me. They really are awesome at helping us out of our jams. Have you submitted an example and a feedback about it yet? Give that a try.




    You guys were right on the money…

    Apparently, because I had included THREE links in my own comment… It was automatically considered Spam…

    I wonder if, now that I have marked it as “NOT SPAM”….. if Akismet is SMART enough to figure out that all future posts by ME are not spam…

    Well, I guess I will find out… in the future..

    Thanks, Gang!



    For reference Akismet will treat any comment with more than 2 links in it as spam.



    timethief is so right! I tried in vain, to “teach” askimet that I was not spam. I posted funny posts about my being spam (compared my picture to spam) and all.. to let people know that I was having the problem and so they would look in their spam bins to find my comments at their blogs. No matter how many times I clicked “not spam” to my comments in my own bin, and the same for them… askimet did not “learn” that I wasn’t spam. After this went on for a while, a friend with another WP blog used one of my comments that was in her bin, as the example sent into feedback. In short order, my problem was fixed.

    That’s why I asked if you’d tried feedback. If you aren’t successful in teaching it that you’re not spam, send the feedback. The WP folks are like gods when it comes to helping us out.



    That’s great to know. Thanks!

    I have not had to do that yet…

    Since this incident, another comment I posted to my own blog (containing no links) was sent to the askimet spam bin. I marked it Not Spam.

    The next comment I posted… was not marked Spam.

    Has askimet wised up? Time will tell…

    But, now I know I do have a last resort… (I hate to bother the feedback guys until I really need to.)




    By marking stuff not spam (“ham” is the term they use in Akismet) you teach the software you’re ok. There are some details on this at akismet.com


    the below blog has this interesting feature that i would like to have too!

    under each comment sent by a reader, there is a link that says “comments by shahidul”(the blog owner). please give me instructions on how i can have it (comments by ME of course!) on my blog.



    Uh, your blog does not appear to have comments enabled. Do that, and make some comments. All the blog templates of which I’m aware will show you who made the comment.

    The reason ALL those comments are credited to the blog owner is that the blog owner made all the comments.


    i don’t think my query was clear enough! : (

    first of all, my blog IS comment-enabled. check out the below link to verify again!

    also i made comments to a couple of wp blogs, but my blog does not contain a link to them as they do in the other blogger’s blog that i mentioned.

    please resolve this!



    I do see your name on those comments. Can you give me a link to where you made comments on someone else’s blog? I see your name as clickable here in the forums.


    http://amazon707.wordpress.com/about/#postcomment is where i posted a comment.

    and please get it straight, i see my own comments on my blog too! but NOT the way in the
    linked kinda way at http://shahidul.wordpress.com/2007/06/16/the-last-goodbye/#comments.

    i repeat,
    shahidul’s blog contains a link that says “comments by shahidul”, and when you hover the cursor over it you see a snap-enabled page preview.

    clear now? ; )



    Yes, quite clear.

    I suggest you look at that comment you posted AGAIN. It is linked to your blog. Clear?



    shomoshor: you can’t have the ‘comment by username’ bit unless you use that theme itself. it’s a theme-dependent feature, i believe.


    finally there’s somebody who understands me just right.
    thanks sulz!

    but the problem is, i use the theme kubrick, whatever the spelling is. it is the default blog and is SUPPOSED to have all features in it.
    (that’s why i chose it in the first olace! heh heh!!)


    hi everybody,

    don’t bother trying anymore : (
    i will ask shahidul to find out how he did it.
    and if he does reveal his secret, i will share it with everybody via wp forum.



    The default blog template is the cleanest blog template, not the one with the latest features. Kubrick is not supposed to have the latest features.



    shomoshor: i’m not totally sure, but the ‘comment by username’ bit could be done via a css upgrade. you have to check with the css experts first though.

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