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I feel like I am going to have a lot of questions :

  1. So here is the first one:

    My blog is not linked to my name? Can anyone tell me how I link it?

    Also how do you add the code for a picture to a post?

    Last one for now, why is there only one link allowed per post?

  2. 1. In the wordpress dashboard, goto your profile page and edit the URL there.

    2. You can add and place pictures in your post in the editor while creating the post.

    3. I don't understand. There is no such limits applied. You can have as many links as you want in your posts.

  3. Okay I now know how to do #1, thanks for that one.

    #2-- I placed the code in the post but it did not work. Or is the editor something else? What do you mean editor?

    #3-- I put a link to a blog in my post, then the link button greyed out, so I cannot put anymore links. Any remedies?

  4. #2 - what was the code you used? Did you try and put the code in while in "visual" or "HTML" mode (top right of the post writing window)?

    #3 - type more text, highlight it using the mouse and then the link button should become active again. "It's not a bug - it's a feature"

  5. For #2, what code did you place? Click on the Insert/Edit image button in the editor (or press Alt+Shift+M) to bring up a form. Enter the picture information there, and it will be inserted into your blog post.

  6. @ sterex and @ cornell

    Okay I used your advice and I suceeded. Wow this stuff is a little frustrating to me, but it is easier to handle with people like both of you are helping. Thanks for everything!

  7. I quite agree, it can be frustrating, glad you sorted it. Any more questions, please come back and ask!

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