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I feel like killing the image uploader.

  1. It hasn't worked for two days now and I need to upload some images. Here is what's happening:

    I am posting and go to "Add image." Then, the image is "uploaded," but when I say "insert to post," it just gives me a white screen. I really, really, really hate the Flash Uploader.

  2. I feel your pain. I've been having the same problem this morning, trying to upload a cartoon to a new post. The image appears in the Media Library and in the edit window. I click "Save." Then I click "Preview" and the window comes right up with all my text, including the title, but no image. I've been looping around like that for about two hours now. Help, anyone? Anyone out had this problem and figured out a fix? Me and hellopayton will be in your dept. Thanking you in advance.
    Jim Sizemore,

  3. P.S. I just thought of another question that may relate to the upload problem. Think I read someplace that it might help with uploading images if you refresh your browser, but I so far haven't been able to figure out how to do that. Is there anyone out there who can tell me the steps to refreshing Firefox? Thanks again.

  4. I just had to fix my computer (you don't want to feel my pain on that) so I think that could be it, is that possible?

  5. The problem seems to be related to the recent "update" and "improvement" of WordPress. The forums are full of complaints of a large number of problems with images. The really annoying part is that the problems come and go and vary. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger on this. These problems have been going on for a couple of weeks.

    To JimSizemore: If you are running an Apple computer all you need to do to refresh Firefox is press command + r. (The command key is the one with the little Apple logo on it.) In Windows press Ctrl +F5. For Linux just press F5.

  6. I've also had the same problem off and on for 2 days. I need to upload some pictures and I am getting the white screen! Can anyone help??? Please. :)

  7. I spent about 15 minutes swearing at the screen due to this "improvement". The image uploaded fine, but there was no 'insert' button or anything like it. Nor did clicking on the image or show link in the Gallery or Media Library do anything... except the very last time. This is far to flakey. WP needs to give us the old image uploaded back.

  8. Oh, and that was with both the Flash version and the 'having problems?' Browser version.

  9. fellowprisoner

    Dittos, for the record. The evil white screen comes up, no image goes to my post. Fie and argh.

  10. mothernaturesbackyard

    You don't need to kill it -- it's already dead.

  11. Thank you, olstersview, thank you, thank you, thank you! So simple.
    Jim S.

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