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I feel lost in the antarctic

  1. how do i drive traffic to my blog? I'm fairly new to this and can't figure out what the best method is to drive traffic.
    Help would be great. I need to sell my book and was hoping to drive some of the traffic through my blog to do it.
    any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yeah. Try a forum search.

  3. 1. forums post to them mainly the off topic and showcase forum. showcase is a huge attracter post what your blog is about

    2. seek out people in your niche. i'm a poet so i search under the poetry tag for other poems to read and comment and people follow back from my name link to my site.

    3. social network: facebook, twitter, myspace, linked in, previous blogs you may have used, yahoo, etc.

    4. web forums that are specific to what you are blogging about i do poetry so i used absolutewrite and writerscafe etc.

    5. messageboards: and others are really good for find followers

    6. the people in your life.tell them about it.

    7. have another blogger in your niche or others add you to their blog roll (if they like what you write well enough that is) and return the favor that way both of you benefit with traffic.

    8. experiment with the web they are lot's more ways.

    good luck :)

    also christiangrblr has a really good article that can help and so does a blogger called timethief. good luck.

  4. wordsdivinelywrought

    TimeThief is a successful blogger and frequent Volunteer on the WP Forums. Loads of credible, reliable, and invaluable tips and assistance on her site:

    She also has a running thread on the Showcase Forum.

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