I forget how to get tto he css code screenfor a given post in order to modify it

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    I want to change the font size in an existing post–a couple of titles. I did the css modifications for my blog five or six years ago and I remember how to recognize the way fonts are named and formatted, and the same for the font size and the colors and so forth. But I can’t remember how I got into css for a given post. Do you go from the edit screen? When I click on Text (as opposed to Visual) I seem to be getting code but I don’t think it’s the css code. There’s no fonts named, no font sizes.

    Was that enough to explain it?

    The blog I need help with is thewhitelilyblog.wordpress.com.


    oops on the title there–how come I can’t edit that?



    You need the CSS editor – but it is global, not just for a specific post here and there. To do that, you do want to go to the text tab in your post editor, and you can insert a class to modify specific posts. You’ll have to dictate what the class is in your CSS editor, though.
    The CSS editor is in Dashboard / Appearance / Custom Design.


    Thanks, Zandy!! You can see how much I’ve forgotten! Well, I’m not at all sure what class the typing is in, so is there a simpler way to change font size for one or two lines? I tried pasting a larger font in, but it changed it to the default one.


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    You can modify your posts one by one using the text editor. You can even modify only a single word or a single line in the text (html) editor.

    Here is some information about making text larger in a post:


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    Because the answer to this question is not related to CSS, I’ll move it over to the Support Forum.


    Wow, I went to the link, I did what it said to do, and it worked! Don’t you just love it when that happens? Thank you so much, I’m happy now with the result. May God reward you, and may someone do you such a nice favor today.


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    It is a pleasure to hear that it worked so well for you. I’m glad you let me know! (it’s actually Mr. Adam who deserves kudos for explaining the details so well—I’ve learned a great deal from him.)

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