i get the email but can’t activate

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    i get the email, when I click on the link it takes me back to email a link page.
    Please help

    What I see:
    This blog has not been activated yet. Please check your email for the activation link.

    If you haven’t got an activation link yet then enter the same email address you used to register:




    I had the same problem today. It seems they are having problems getting out those e-mails.

    If you filled in the “Get Key” form (in the homepage or when you attempt to view your yet inactive blog), it generates a new activation key that invalidates the previous one. That may be the reason (it is what happened to me). If so, sooner or later you’ll probably get the “pending” e-mails. Then, you have to figure out which is the latest and use that link to activate your blog (or try them all until you get into the one that activates your blog, heh).

    I ended up creating 2 blogs. Now, I’m waiting for the e-mail that hopefully allows me to delete one of them.

    I hope that helps. ;-)



    thanks for your help



    I got this:
    Your new WordPress.com blog has been successfully set up.

    *Weblog Activation Link*
    You must activate your blog before using it. Please click here:

    You can log in with the following information:

    Username: lifelikealie
    Password: yadda yadda yadda

    but that link ISNT a link at all. So i typed in wordpress.com and added that at the end and I get a message saying that It hasnt activated yet. Gee thanks for not giving me a real link! What shall I do?



    Same here, blog created but cannot activate.



    kshitija, you blog is up and running.

    Lifelike, your’s isn’t. You may want to try copying and pasting the link from your email into your url bar of your browser.

    phpmix, you’re pointing off of site so I can’t help you.

    braingain, sounds like your email reader is messing up your link which is why it’s returning you to the sign up page. Again, you may want to try copying and pasting your link into your browser.

    Another thing you may want to try is setting your email client to not read html email as it appears to be messing stuff up for you all. This would be a security issue as well.

    Good luck,



    Yes, my blog is up and running.

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