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I get the message http:/ is down

  1. randylewiskemp

    website is down. I have my domain hosted on the name servers of CloudFlare. They mention that they can't get access to my website on their end. I can ping the website and it returns packets OK. What is going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. randylewiskemp

    CloudFlare says this:
    We detected that the server hosting your website below is offline:
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > We have been unable to access your web server from network probes
    > > around the world. This may mean that visitors cannot access your
    > > website. To resolve this issue please check the status of your server
    > > or contact your hosting provider.

  3. randylewiskemp

    This has been happening sporadically over the past few days (i.e. website down). Each time it is down, CloudFlare issues the above message. I can always ping it and receive packets back.

  4. randylewiskemp

    Here is another CloudFlare message I've gotten this week. Every time I receive one, I can ping everything OK. CloudFlare hosts the name servers and WordPress hosts the Domain:

    CloudFlare User:
    > We detected that some of the CloudFlare requests can not connect to
    > your server for the following website:
    > The most common cause is that something on your server is blocking our
    > connections. Since we do not have access to your server, we need your
    > help to find the root cause.
    > To ensure that your visitors experience no interruptions to your
    > website, please ensure all of our IPs are able to get to your server
    > by whitelisting our IP addresses:
    > CloudFlare's IP Range:
    > ( -
    > ( -
    > ( -
    > ( -
    > ( -
    > ( -
    > ( -
    > ( -
    > ( -
    > The most common causes for a server blocking our connections include:
    > 1) Your firewall has rules set in iptables that could be blocking
    > CloudFlare
    > 2) An older version of Bad Behavior or mod_security are blocking the
    > connections
    > 3) You have blocked one of CloudFlare's IP addresses on your server or
    > you have a .htaccess rule in place that limit connections from some IPs
    > To learn more, you can visit our knowledgebase:

  5. website is down. I have my domain hosted on the name servers of CloudFlare.

    Means you are in the wrong forum - see below

    You have or had domain mapping at one time - but your name servers are pointing to CloudFlare not WordPress.COM, so if you do want to have your blog here then you need to change your name servers

    The site you are asking about does not seem to be hosted on WordPress.COM so you need to make friends over at WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using.

    This site is for support of sites hosted on WordPress.COM. You should address your questions to WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using:

    For more on the difference:

    If you are asking for help with a WordPress.COM site then we need a link to that site to give you accurate help.

  6. randylewiskemp

    It is hosted on WordPress. com. My WordPress domain name is I can assure you the domain name is hosted by WordPress but the name server is on CloudFlare. WordPress does allow you to use non-wordpress name servers.

  7. Above my pay-grade - maybe the staff have an idea - I flagged this for them -

  8. randylewiskemp

    Any word on this issue yet? As of 12:30 PM CST on 2/21/2013, the website is unavailable. Yet this website has been running for months, with CloudFlare hosting the name servers and WordPress [dot] com hosting the domains. It has only been having these issues in the past two weeks. The funny thing is I can issue a ping command and send packets to the website OK. CloudFlare tech support indicates the issue is on the hosting side (i.e. WordPress [dot] com].

  9. randylewiskemp

    I just came back and website down again. I would suspect WordPress is running some version of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). It should be a simple matter for someone from WordPress support to query the Apache error logs for my domains particular IP address.

  10. There are many pages of thread wherein blogger who posted long before you did are waiting fro Staff assistance. Staff deal with threads that have the earliest dates first and move forward.

  11. randylewiskemp

    I do know there is another blog on WordPress [dot] com, with the came configuration I have mentioned. It is, unless the webmaster has changed things, since I visited in May of 2012. I see the same down message I got. I do remember I used to be able to open a support ticket. Now my only option is community forums. If the blog mentioned has the same configuration as mine, there must be some common denominator showing the the Apache error logs. I'll just wait for the queued thread to be processed.

  12. What does Cloud Flare do for your site? Looks to me like it is some sort of caching service - but according to Alexa your traffic is quite insignificant - a rounding error in Timethiefs stats.

    Seems to me no real reason to do anything special given the massive power of the WordPress.COM's three server farms - that host CNN and many other large sites

  13. randylewiskemp

    There are some apps you can run off of CloudFlare, you can't with WordPress [dot] com. That is the chief advantage, and it's the reason the other blog runs CloudFlare. In addition, they do screen potential threats, even before requests come to WordPress servers. I really can't say who has the biggest server farm - WordPress or CloudFlare - without doing research.

  14. randylewiskemp

    But since WordPress does give you the option of having non-WordPress name servers, it is also something they would look into if issues arise.

  15. randylewiskemp

    WordPress has documentation somewhere about setting up custom name servers. I found it on Google and/or the other blog mention via a post (i.e. which referred to the WordPress [dot]com documentation). CloudFlare is found at (watch the free short video) and they do have a free option - which they use. The CloudFlare support team is very responsive - even for free accounts.

  16. randylewiskemp

    A brief Wiki article on CloudFlare is found at

  17. But I will add this. If it boils down to a choice of using CloudFlare apps (via their name servers) with WordPress [dot} com and going up and down - or not using the apps with a stable WordPress [dot] Com - I'll settle for the last option. But it would be nice to have a good and plausible explanation why the two can't exist on the WordPress [dot] com site.

  18. This thread is tagged for Staff. Click the link and scroll down. Note that they have pages of threads with bloggers all waiting for their help . Note also that they work from the earliest date forward and please be patient while waiting.

  19. I understand. I'm just adding some input for review. I used to work in software engineering at Motorola Mobility - now owned by Google. The more info you give the support staff, but better then can diagnose and solve the problem.

  20. I was addressing the fact that you need to be patient while waiting for Staff Please do not respond to my comment this time as the off the front page threads that are we Volunteers are trying to answer are numerous.

  21. softwaretrading

    Just wanted to add that in addition to the extra apps, of which I use google analytics only, Cloudflare _average_ response time is about 120 ms, whereas on its own is about 3 seconds, so 3000 ms. That's why the combination of the two, as long as it works, is a pretty good one.

  22. I do not know where to go to get this problem solved so I guess this is as good a place as any. Usually to get to my blog I type which leads me to Get a free blog here. I click on that and it takes me right to my blog. Today I am having to type my blog URL to get into it. Is there a problem with wordpress and I use google search engine. Where I am being taken is a wp page that tells me to watch a video and cannot get into my blog. Thanks for help. SR

  23. But clearly it's not working; we have multiple threads on Cloudflare issues. That allows you to use them does not mean will take responsibility for them. You're on your own with Cloudflare on this, I'm afraid.

  24. randylewiskemp

    Hi rain coaster and fellow members who just posted:

    I don't mind if it's no longer working and I need to have the name servers on WordPress [dot] Com. There are two things here:

    CloudFlare Support says everything is OK on their end - the name servers

    I can issue a Ping command to my website and it sends packets of data OK.

    If WordPress is running some flavor of LAMP - which I suspect they do - then they just need to query the Apache error logs for particular IP addresses in question, to see what the issue is.

    What I'm looking for - if not a fix - is a reasonable and plausible explanation why this CloudFlare / WordPress combination is no longer possible. Name servers are not rocket science to software engineers, if you understand them. I used to interface with them on the Motorola Intranet, when I managed Apache servers and Oracle databases for engineers. You can read about them on Wiki at

    So what I seek is knowledge. Something to this effect: "This is no longer possible on WordPress side because (A) or (B) or (c) - whatever.

    A word to the moderators. I'm not adding anything here, but just responding to the previous posters.

  25. Yes: more info is good. But note, I'm a volunteer moderator (not staff) and want to say that if you subscribe to this topic then you will be notified of any responses. Top right of this forum…

  26. We can't really support Cloudflare here, as we only support domain mapping via name servers. We do not have static IP addresses, which makes pointing Cloudflare to your blog (via an A record to an IP address) problematic at best.

    To explain briefly, we have a growing number of datacenters with thousands of servers between them. is already built on top of a cloud architecture, so when one server goes offline, everything is routed over to another transparently. When your domain is mapped to us by name servers, this all happens automatically.

    With Cloudflare, you're directing the domain to one IP. If that server/IP goes offline, so does your site, there's nothing we can do about that.

    There's a bit more involved, but that's the short version.

    If you want consistent performance with a mapped domain on, you'll need to direct the name servers to us.

  27. Thanks for the input. If folks (like myself), which to set the name servers back to WordPress name servers, is there some WordPress documentation you can point us to (i.e. how to do this on WordPress)?

  28. Wait. I think you did provide some documentation.

  29. Our name servers are:


    If your domain is registered through us, you can change your name servers following this guide:

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