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I get this error message when I hit blog on my site

  1. Not Found
    Oh no! You're looking for something which just isn't here! Fear not however, errors are to be expected, and luckily there are tools on the sidebar for you to use in your search for what you need.

  2. Hey,

    can you give us the url of your blog, please? It's kind of hard trying to help without being able to see it. :)

    Also, how long have you had the blog? And do you have many posts?


    sorry i'm new to this, i thought i did a few posts this afternoon, they are under a few tabs.

  4. I see. I'm not too sure what you're trying to do with your blog. The standard/traditional sense of a blog is to have one page with all the posts [Blog] and several accompaniying pages, such as 'About' or what books you've read, etc.

    Looking at your blog I can see 6 pages and no posts.

    The reason there is no posts found on the blog page is that that is the one dedicated to the blogposts and I'm assuming you've deleted the 'Hello World' default post?

    As soon as you post a new post you should be fine.

    Hope that helps. :)

  5. thank you soooo much, i love your avitar, it's so hilarious! Too cute for words!

  6. Move the stuff you now have from the pages you created over to posts (write > post) and then they will appear on your main page. Then you can delete the pages you had put those posts on.

  7. You're welcome and thank you very much! :)

  8. We got it y'all.....thank you very much! The husband got it fixed. :)

  9. You're welcome.

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