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i got hacked

  1. i got hacked someone can read my pass protected posts that arent authors so what do i do

  2. what did the hacker[s] do?

    no blog url to take a look at it?
    i'm sure someone will help you out soon
    if not supportwill - but you want answers now i'm sure
    all the best

  3. You want to contact support.
    There is nothing we can do in the forum.
    Never give someone your password.
    Never trust people.
    Never have simple passwords, like the name of your dog, username.

  4. .....well, if someone can read your protected posts, maybe they got the password from some other trustworthy person out there on the big, bad internet.

  5. can change passwords.

  6. Yes. Are you the only admin of your blog? Usually in Penguin blogs, someone untrustworthy gets made admin and they're the ones who delete things, and then they say "OMG Someone hacked your site!"

    Contact support and change your passwords.

  7. boblets
    of course change the pass word!

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