I got my new Gravatar image yesterday but today, it doesn’t show up

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    Dear WordPress,

    Ever since you changed your pages, things haven’t been exactly going well. I got my image up for the main page where it appears on the http bar as a tiny image. I like that a lot.

    But in the comments section, only two of my readers have their new image showing up. I went to the ‘personal profile’ place and put up a gravatar image there last night but as of today, it still doesn’t show up. Is this due to them being overwhelmed? Or is there another problem at your end?

    Thank you,



    OK, further comment here:

    While trying to figure out your new method of posting stuff, after you killed all our gravatars and replaced them with black boxes, I noticed that at one place, there was my old gravatar, the black box and then it accepted my new gravatar which you see here.

    BUT when I posted at my own site today, even though my ‘profile’ shows the new gravatar, when I comment at my own blog, the black box gravatar that you guys created, still shows up! I can’t get it to change over. I am mystified why this is so.

    Thanks in advance




    I am having the same problem to!!!


    My gravatar worked just few minutes ago but now it’s gone. I’m back to that .png image again. Why is this happening?


    Sending this post, shows me my gravatar but somehow, this same gravatar no longer shows on my blog posts and I’m using the same image for blog picture as well. Did I do something wrong? The only change was my blog updates. Any ideas?



    Yes. It is still settling down. It can take a number of days.



    Gravatars just don’t work with browsers. And no matter how much you clear your cache.


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